Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break: Disneyland, Sea World, and Legoland

Spring break is ending D:
I don't like traveling to far places, but I was forced to go on a 5 day trip to LA and San Diego. (My dad said he needed a vacation) My family and I traveled to Disneyland, Sea World, and Legoland. It was super tiring! I didn't really find it fun. My brother was whining so much about the toys he wanted from the gift shops... I think he just went to buy stuff. O_o
Was pretty nice. The staff were really nice there! I liked the Bobsled and Space Mountain roller coasters. The Bobsled sorta scared me cause the beginning was dark and then a Yeti's red eyes pop up in front of you. >.<  Space mountain might have been my fav ride of every one, cause it was fast and surprising. It's dark, except for some stars, so you cannot really see in front of you. After riding Space Mountain with me, my dad said he felt dizzy, so he spent the rest of the day sitting with a napkin covering his mouth LOL
Sea World:
I think my favorite place out of the three! ^_^ A friends and her sister came here with me. I enjoyed the Shamu, Dolphin, and Seal shows, they were all great. During the Shamu show I watched, one of the whales was fed some fish, but he/she spit one out. A bird came and ate it. The orca sprayed water at it! LOL :P (it's funnier when you see it... I never describe things properly) I also liked the Manta roller coaster, I rode it three times. :) (The first time we waited in line for 30 minutes, but when Sea World was about to close there was no line so I went on twice) My poor dad was scared he would get motion sickness again so he didn't go on. :P
My least favorite place... I liked a short 4D film, but that was all I liked. We waited 40+ mins in line per ride and most were not even worth it. The worst one was a shooting game / ride. The roller coaster was at floor level the entire time, and it was going 5 mph. Each rider had a laser gun and scoreboard and tries to shoot targets. I don't think it was worth the wait. :( At least I won, though! My dad, brother, and mom came on. Their scores were around 200-400 and I got 420 :D
So... It was a mediocre trip. My dad was the one who wanted a vacation, but I think he was the one who was the most bored out of us 4, LOL. Bye! I must get ready for school tomorrow  ¯\(°_o)/¯