Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PT 3 of The End

From the ground up is the 2nd story part of The End, the 1rst is just "The End". Although Im not close to finishing the 2nd part yet, I wrote the Beginning for Pt 3.


Steve reached forward and placed redstone on the cold stone of the castle floor. He thought of Laura but somehow could not feel sorry for her death. Where were Ashley and Snigdha? They were supposed to be mining for more. They had been gone for half the day already, they should be back by now. Steve decided to look for them. Outside, the sky was a misty, creepy, odd gray. He could see his friends’ graves by the fountain, though they were very far away. He turned to meet Ashley and Snigdha since he heard something, but only found a skeleton. He stepped back and slowly took out a stone sword, shining from being enchanted. Then the battle began ; the skeleton shot and Steve blocked with the sword. The monster loaded and Steve ran to the side. Somehow, I’ve gotten worse at fighting. Did something that had to do with the death of my friends affect me?

Whoosh, the arrow flew by. Steve raised his sword but an arrow shot him in the head. He turned dizzy but let his sword go down, slicing the skeleton’s skull open. Crack, it fell down. A diamond pickaxe then hit him in the back, and Steve toppled over.
“Steve, what are you doing? I asked you to stay in there to set up the redstone for the farm.” Snigdha said, laughing.
“Get your pickaxe off me, and I’ll help with your farm.” Seve mumbled, his head in the blue-green dirt.
Alina walked up to pick up the pickaxe and handed it to Snigdha.
“You’re stupid, Sniggy! He just came out to find you guys.” She said.
As they saw a very scared Ashley running up to them, a dark figure followed.
Steve took out his sword, Sniggy readied her pickaxe to be thrown, and Alina drew out a diamond axe.