Thursday, July 18, 2013


CH 13 may not come out soon because I am going camping, and plus because Minecraft has gotten the 1.6 update, I want to spend some time playing around with it.
Chapter 12: Survive
    “Are we going to survive together?” Rushsni asked.
“I don’t know! I guess so, we have a better chance of living that way. However, we don’t have any food!” Laura said.
“Should we just look around?” ABmike202 asked.
“Creeper!” yelled Steve.
“Ahh!” People screamed as the creeper turned white, ready to blast.

ashleyspie and Steve sprinted to the tunnel to the left. ABmike202, rushsni and Laura ran to the tunnel in front of themselves. The creeper exploded, blasting stone shards everywhere, and leaving a small stone crater.
Tap, tap, tap... Steve’s footsteps echoed of the mossy floor. He could almost feel the presence of more mobs around him. Ashleyspie followed. They sprinted downwards, slipping and sliding. They knew the creeper was gone and had already exploded, but they didn’t stop. An iron door was in front of them, and ashleyspie slammed through. Steve, however, continued to slip and slide away, away from anybody else’s veiw.


ABmike202 stopped running with everyone else. He told Laura and Rushsni to stop since the creeper had already exploded. An anderman’s moan came from behind, and attacked Rushsni. Rushsni reacted slowly, taking out a diamond sword and hitting the floor before realizing the enderman was behind her.  ABmike202 and Laura took out iron swords and hit the enderman, but because it was so strong and dealed a lot of damage, Laura yelled, “run!”. Abmike202 followed Laura, but Rushsni stood there, wanting to kill the monster. She was too slow, with a smack from the stone the enderman picked up, Rushsni was just a pile of diamond stuff and arrows. ABmike202 and Laura kept running, and entered a huge cave system. An abondened mineshaft ran through it. Cobwebs filled almost every spot of the place, and cave spiders were everywhere.


  1. I wonder why Ashleyspie and Steve kept on running? :o

    1. It's that feeling where somebody is chasing you, I guess.