Saturday, July 6, 2013


On 4th of July and the day after, I saw fireworks! :)
First day: My mom told everyone in my house (Dad, grandparents, cousins from Texas, my little brother) that we were going to buy fireworks and shoot them somewhere in danville or dublin. They were not those big ones, but the small ones that burst out sparks. (Not those ones you hold and sparks come out, bigger.) Erin came too and we had fun, but Elsie (cousin) didn't do much there.
Second day: I went to Six Flags with everybody, including Erin, and it was really fun! We rode those spinny rides and the swimg one. On one of the spinning ones, Elsie couldn't pull herself away from me so she squashed me the entire time! D: (Why you be so fat, Elsie?! LOL.) I wanted to go on the skyscraper swing thing, but Elsie and Erin didn't want to go, so I didn't. The same thing happened with that thing where you get lifted up by a long rope and it releases you and you swing around in the sky. After that, at 9 thrity, we saw really cool fireworks! Erin, Elsie and I bought hats (Erin and I got rainbow squids, Elsie got a dragon hat). I will try to post a pic of that later.


  1. Ooohh, that sounds like fun! I saw fireworks by going to San Francisco, it isn't as fun as your story, but the fireworks were great!

  2. I'm so fat :333 not my fault! I like squishing people, it's a good use of my fatness.


    1. :P Erin used to be the "squisher" but now you are!