Monday, July 8, 2013

CH11 FTGU + Something else...

Chapter 11: Somebody Else?
Out of the rippling sky, a dark figure floated down. It said,
“You should get out of this town. Soon it will be completely gone.”
“Who are you? What do you mean?” ABmike202 asked.
The mysterious figure came down. It wasn't Kisshu, he looked completely different. This girl had long, electric blue hair tied in pigtails, neon blue eyes, wore an old and ripped up white dress, and held an enchanted, glowing bow in one hand. She seemed to be only 12 or 13 years old. But the oddest thing about her was the dress she wore. Not only was it ripped, it had blood stains.

“Don’t be foolish. There is no way to save this place. My name is Miku_Hatsune.” Said Miku_Hatsune.
“There must be a way.” said Laura.
“No. Let’s go.” Miku_Hatsune said.
“Why should we trust you?” Laura asked.
“Maybe you shouldn't. But if you don’t get out the way I know, you may not have enough time.” Miku_Hatsune said with a smile.

Everybody was confused at first, but then noticed lava slowly rising from the pit Laura had just come out of. Miku_Hatsune floated upwards lazily and said,
“Are you gonna follow me or not?”
Without waiting for an answer, she flew down into another crater in the ground. Everybody followed and jumped in. Miku_Hatsune landed and went through a tunnel, everyone following.
“Keep going. I’m going home.”
Miku_Hatsune disappeared out of thin air the way Kisshu did, leaving waves of clear ripples that could not be touched. As the ripples melted away, everyone kept walking, and came to another greasy, slimy tunnel.

“This is the sewer system, ashleyspie, alinawucm and I were here before. We’ve been led into an almost endless maze. It was a trap!” Steve said, recognizing the cave.

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