Thursday, July 25, 2013

Minecraft Skin (My Normal One)
aznvio3 (AKA aznvio386) and I made this together.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Minecraft Skins

More comments! :o

I used to be able to reply to every one, but sadly now I cannot. I'm sorry if I don't reply, but I promise I read 100% of them, but I might only reply to 50%. Thanks for giving me so many positive words! :D
Yolanda and I made a skin for me, I think I'll post it soon (I got premium Minecraft!)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


CH 13 may not come out soon because I am going camping, and plus because Minecraft has gotten the 1.6 update, I want to spend some time playing around with it.
Chapter 12: Survive
    “Are we going to survive together?” Rushsni asked.
“I don’t know! I guess so, we have a better chance of living that way. However, we don’t have any food!” Laura said.
“Should we just look around?” ABmike202 asked.
“Creeper!” yelled Steve.
“Ahh!” People screamed as the creeper turned white, ready to blast.

ashleyspie and Steve sprinted to the tunnel to the left. ABmike202, rushsni and Laura ran to the tunnel in front of themselves. The creeper exploded, blasting stone shards everywhere, and leaving a small stone crater.
Tap, tap, tap... Steve’s footsteps echoed of the mossy floor. He could almost feel the presence of more mobs around him. Ashleyspie followed. They sprinted downwards, slipping and sliding. They knew the creeper was gone and had already exploded, but they didn’t stop. An iron door was in front of them, and ashleyspie slammed through. Steve, however, continued to slip and slide away, away from anybody else’s veiw.


ABmike202 stopped running with everyone else. He told Laura and Rushsni to stop since the creeper had already exploded. An anderman’s moan came from behind, and attacked Rushsni. Rushsni reacted slowly, taking out a diamond sword and hitting the floor before realizing the enderman was behind her.  ABmike202 and Laura took out iron swords and hit the enderman, but because it was so strong and dealed a lot of damage, Laura yelled, “run!”. Abmike202 followed Laura, but Rushsni stood there, wanting to kill the monster. She was too slow, with a smack from the stone the enderman picked up, Rushsni was just a pile of diamond stuff and arrows. ABmike202 and Laura kept running, and entered a huge cave system. An abondened mineshaft ran through it. Cobwebs filled almost every spot of the place, and cave spiders were everywhere.

Photo Album

I started making a photo album for the time when my cousin came over. I didn't actually want to, but my dad made me. Sadly. Maybe I can share it with you guys if I can make an ebook version.



Eating mini doughnuts for breakfast! :3
Going camping tomorrow. :D

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Minecraft: 1.6 (.2)

YAYAYAYAY!!!! The horse update is out! I'm really happy, but since the cracked minecraft I use doesn't support 1.6, I can't go onto Monster Gaming anymore. I'll probably download another cracked launcher, but does anyone here know a good one? There are lots out there.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

What bird is this called?

I don't remember, somebody tell me! D:

Since I know a way to post pictures now that everyone can see, I may post my 2,000 view pics soon!

Also, I am coming to 4,000 views! I'm not going to do anything for anymore views, but I will still share the pictures I draw, my minecraft adventures, and the birdies I enjoy!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Blogger Problems

I logged in to blogger and checked the "Comments: Awaiting Moderation" and I was like OMG! WTH happened?! All the comments ever posted on my blog were there, so I checked all of them and prepared to click "Post". But then I realized I could only delete or mark them as spam. I was really confused, but then thought this was the "all comments" tab. Really weird...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Views (NO, its not my drawings) + Minecraft

Hi people! IS anyone here sharing my blog with their friends besides Yolanda? Cause now, my blog is getting around 30-40 views every day, so I'm really happy! :) Thanks for even glimpsing at my blog.

Also, in Monster Gaming, I set a new Restaurant! :D Please MSG me if you would like to buy food there. :D I had lost of fun with Erin building it. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

CH11 FTGU + Something else...

Chapter 11: Somebody Else?
Out of the rippling sky, a dark figure floated down. It said,
“You should get out of this town. Soon it will be completely gone.”
“Who are you? What do you mean?” ABmike202 asked.
The mysterious figure came down. It wasn't Kisshu, he looked completely different. This girl had long, electric blue hair tied in pigtails, neon blue eyes, wore an old and ripped up white dress, and held an enchanted, glowing bow in one hand. She seemed to be only 12 or 13 years old. But the oddest thing about her was the dress she wore. Not only was it ripped, it had blood stains.

“Don’t be foolish. There is no way to save this place. My name is Miku_Hatsune.” Said Miku_Hatsune.
“There must be a way.” said Laura.
“No. Let’s go.” Miku_Hatsune said.
“Why should we trust you?” Laura asked.
“Maybe you shouldn't. But if you don’t get out the way I know, you may not have enough time.” Miku_Hatsune said with a smile.

Everybody was confused at first, but then noticed lava slowly rising from the pit Laura had just come out of. Miku_Hatsune floated upwards lazily and said,
“Are you gonna follow me or not?”
Without waiting for an answer, she flew down into another crater in the ground. Everybody followed and jumped in. Miku_Hatsune landed and went through a tunnel, everyone following.
“Keep going. I’m going home.”
Miku_Hatsune disappeared out of thin air the way Kisshu did, leaving waves of clear ripples that could not be touched. As the ripples melted away, everyone kept walking, and came to another greasy, slimy tunnel.

“This is the sewer system, ashleyspie, alinawucm and I were here before. We’ve been led into an almost endless maze. It was a trap!” Steve said, recognizing the cave.

This is cool! Turn your head/shake it while looking at the pic.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pictures from Six Flags

I'm still not sure if you people can see the pictures. :( These are the pics from when we went to six flags.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


On 4th of July and the day after, I saw fireworks! :)
First day: My mom told everyone in my house (Dad, grandparents, cousins from Texas, my little brother) that we were going to buy fireworks and shoot them somewhere in danville or dublin. They were not those big ones, but the small ones that burst out sparks. (Not those ones you hold and sparks come out, bigger.) Erin came too and we had fun, but Elsie (cousin) didn't do much there.
Second day: I went to Six Flags with everybody, including Erin, and it was really fun! We rode those spinny rides and the swimg one. On one of the spinning ones, Elsie couldn't pull herself away from me so she squashed me the entire time! D: (Why you be so fat, Elsie?! LOL.) I wanted to go on the skyscraper swing thing, but Elsie and Erin didn't want to go, so I didn't. The same thing happened with that thing where you get lifted up by a long rope and it releases you and you swing around in the sky. After that, at 9 thrity, we saw really cool fireworks! Erin, Elsie and I bought hats (Erin and I got rainbow squids, Elsie got a dragon hat). I will try to post a pic of that later.

I have forgotten...

To post the manga pics I drew!!! I swear, I drew them for my 2,000 views, but I still am working on finding a way to post them, cause the way I usually post them people cannot see. :(
Also, two of my friends went to new york this summer, Melodie and Mounika. They both told me it was really cool.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PT 3 of The End

From the ground up is the 2nd story part of The End, the 1rst is just "The End". Although Im not close to finishing the 2nd part yet, I wrote the Beginning for Pt 3.


Steve reached forward and placed redstone on the cold stone of the castle floor. He thought of Laura but somehow could not feel sorry for her death. Where were Ashley and Snigdha? They were supposed to be mining for more. They had been gone for half the day already, they should be back by now. Steve decided to look for them. Outside, the sky was a misty, creepy, odd gray. He could see his friends’ graves by the fountain, though they were very far away. He turned to meet Ashley and Snigdha since he heard something, but only found a skeleton. He stepped back and slowly took out a stone sword, shining from being enchanted. Then the battle began ; the skeleton shot and Steve blocked with the sword. The monster loaded and Steve ran to the side. Somehow, I’ve gotten worse at fighting. Did something that had to do with the death of my friends affect me?

Whoosh, the arrow flew by. Steve raised his sword but an arrow shot him in the head. He turned dizzy but let his sword go down, slicing the skeleton’s skull open. Crack, it fell down. A diamond pickaxe then hit him in the back, and Steve toppled over.
“Steve, what are you doing? I asked you to stay in there to set up the redstone for the farm.” Snigdha said, laughing.
“Get your pickaxe off me, and I’ll help with your farm.” Seve mumbled, his head in the blue-green dirt.
Alina walked up to pick up the pickaxe and handed it to Snigdha.
“You’re stupid, Sniggy! He just came out to find you guys.” She said.
As they saw a very scared Ashley running up to them, a dark figure followed.
Steve took out his sword, Sniggy readied her pickaxe to be thrown, and Alina drew out a diamond axe.