Friday, June 21, 2013

Oregon and Stuffs

Has it been a while?
Since I'm typing in an iPad I apologize if I have terrible grammar. Anyway, today I got to Oregon, but we drove for four hrs. D: I'm here with my cousin and we will stay here for four days and three nights. I really want to say, IT'S HOTTTTTTT!!!!!! We got here around one and went to Shashta Lake Cavers, the cave there was really cool. I think the area should of had more lights. This one guy who was in the same tour group as us was like, "This is Minecraft, I'm looking for diamonds!"
The tour guide girl said some of these limestone rocks were called flowstone, and they if they shone a light underneath it it would glow. So, I thought it was like minecraft glowstone! :D
Yesterday I was playing minecraft and I got a zombie exp farm that I bought for a thousand dollars. Sadly the mob drop area doesnt work too well. I have to redo it later, with someone covering me (cause even if I light the area up sometimes the zombies still spawn.) aznvio3, I just have to say that you are my minecraft nanny. :)
I'll try to update my blog more over the summer, though I really want to spend time on minecraft every time I go onto the computer. how is your summer? Tell me in the comments below!
BTW Im sorry about not posting the manga pics yet, I've drawn them but I have not posted them yet. I'm slacking off too much!


  1. Ohhh. Oregon sounds fun, I don't think I've ever been there! My summer is kind of boring, but still fun at the same time. I just stay homee, but my relatives from China are coming over, so I am happy. :) I forgot to check your blog for so long because it's been a long time since your last post.

    1. Cool! Believe it or not, Oregon is pretty boring. My cousin says, "No one visits Oregon!" LOL.

  2. Hehe, Oregon seems okay. I want to go to Korea! :)


    Okay, so hai Ashley. And yes I'm visiting Alina. I actually just turned off the lights in her room for her and made some strange faces while doing it.