Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This CH is actually one of my worse ones... But hopefully thats okay.

Chapter 9: Jump
    “But... But... But...” Steve mumbled.
Before Laura could answer, water poured inwards. The glass panes were crushed and through the water, Steve could see lava burning from the north, coming. Quickly Laura and Steve broke through the wooden planks with a stone ax and sprinted out as water filled the house. Burning noises could be heard when the lava collided with the water.

    ashleyspie, alinawucm, Nachi_kids, and Rushsni were already outside. Laura and Steve rushed over the mountain with them. The village was being destroyed by something anonymous. ashleyspie turned around. Something flew past. Then water was dropped on everyone.
“It’s so cold!” Rushsni complained as more rushed passed.
alinawucm and Nachi_kids climbed up a tree.
“We should get down and help the others!” alinawucm said.
Nachi_Kids aggreed.
“WAIT! If we jump into the water, would we swim or would drown?” alinawucm thought outloud.

“You guys better run before you fall down into the water, it’s freezing!” Laura said.
“We shouldn’t leave...” Nachi_Kids said.
But when the water level increased up to the tree, alinawucm pulled Nachi_kids off, to the other direction of the water..
“They’ll drown!” Nachi_Kids cried.
Everyone not on the tree sank deeper.
“We don’t even have a plan, destination, or map!” Nachi_Kids said again.
“I know our destination.” alinawucm said.

    “Swim, people!” Rushsni cried.
“If you keep talking to me, I’ll be alright.” Laura said.
“Argh!” Steve said as everyone broke to the surface.
Everyone was gasping for breath. Nightime came out.


  1. You're a really bad writer, even for a middle schooler. You need to learn how to write, cuz you write like a 2nd grader.

    1. Oh, is that really how you think of me? I'll admit I'm a terrible writer, but it doesn't mean I'll stop producing stories just because I'm bad.

    2. It's called practice, man...

    3. ITS YOU AGAIN!!!
      OMG! You are so annoying! If you hate her that much, then ignore this website! SHEESH!!!!!! You're such a snot! And I bet if you write something, it doesn't even sound like a story! That hurt didn't it? If it did, then you better know what Alina feels!

  2. Yes, it is hard to write a good story. So Alina is doing good already.