Sunday, June 30, 2013

From The Ground Up CH 10

FTGU might end up really long, because I'm currently writing CH 13 and I don't think we're halfway there yet, but I'm going to try to speed this story up so that people don't get bored of it.
Chapter 10: Traces
    “Everything’s alright.” ashleyspie said.
“Where are we going to meet alinawucm and Nachi_Kids?” Steve asked.
“I guess we’ll just keep searching. We shouldn’t stay here, incase the thing that dumped water on us is still here...” Steve said.
“Yeah, but shouldn’t we equip ourselves if we are going out to the wilderness?” Laura asked.
“I agree. Two people stay here so that they can keep watch, incase anything is happening. We can’t see very far when in the village because of the surrounding mountains, and because it is nightime.” Steve replied.

    ashleyspie and Laura decided to go get things, so it leaves Steve with Rushsni to watch. ashleyspie and Laura sprinted down the mountain. Steve and Rushsni waited for them quietly. They were about to open a door by stepping on a pressure plate. Stars shimmered to rainbow colors. Steve got up and walked over a slab of wood. BOOM!  
“Ugh! What was that?!”  Steve bellowed.
Realizing what had happened, Steve yelled downhill, “Don’t step on it! It’s TNT!”
“Huh?” Rushsni said, still organizing thoughts in her head.

    It was too late. Sizzle... Ka-Boom! Traces of wood hit ashleyspie. Laura fell down the crater the TNT had made. Sizzle... Sizzle... Another TNT was about to go off!
“Run with the stuff, ashleyspie!”
Sprinting up the mountain, the TNT blasted ashleyspie upwards ans Laura fell into the now deeper TNT crater.
“Laura, are you okay?!” Rushsni, ashleyspie, and Steve yelled in unison.
“Umm, yeah. I just don’t know how to get out.”
“How did you survive?! You’re were right on top of the TNT when it exploeded!” ashleyspie shouted.
“I was, but just before it I equiped my iron chestplate. I just don’t know how to get out... The hole is kinda deep.”
ashleyspie peeked over the edge as Rushsni and Steve came down.

    Laura was stuck inside, so deep you couldn’t possibly travel upwards.
“Oh, do you have anything you can stack yourself up with?” Rushsni asked.
“No. I think I’m stuck.”
“I can give you some!” said a cheerful voice coming from the trees.
Heads turned as ABmike202 came out and said,
“I have a lot of dirt...”
He threw a couple stacks of dirt downwards.
“Thanks!” Laura said as she stacked herself upwards.
The air seemed to ripple familiarly. Could it be...?