Friday, June 28, 2013


My second time dying in Monster Gaming. I'll tell everyone about the first and this time.
I was exploring in plotworld and I found a watchtower with a pool beside it. I climbed up, and a sign said, "Jump into the water!" I looked down, and there was a small but deep pool below, so I wouldn't die from fall damage. I jumped and did something really stupid: I turned and moved to the side, and I landed on the edge of the pool. I though I would die, but I didn't. Out of relief, I moved forward and SMACK. I hit a cactus and DIED.
Playing with friends is fun, but you should never randomly teleport to them. I did, and my friend was on a huge bridge, probably in CTF. It was so laggy, and I tried to move. I went to the edge of the bridge and fell down. I wasn't hurt too much, but from there I tried to go home using the command /p h:3. However, since it was so laggy, I simply went to the side of the land and was swallowed by lava.

The first time I got my stuff back cause I remembered where I went from the plotworld, but the second time all my stuff was incinerated by lava. I'M SO STUPID. :(


  1. It doesn't mean that you're stupid. It was lag. You shouldn't call yourself bad words!!!!!!!!!

    1. No, no no! I was moving so oddly that I didn't even look where I was doing X-/