Sunday, June 30, 2013

From The Ground Up CH 10

FTGU might end up really long, because I'm currently writing CH 13 and I don't think we're halfway there yet, but I'm going to try to speed this story up so that people don't get bored of it.
Chapter 10: Traces
    “Everything’s alright.” ashleyspie said.
“Where are we going to meet alinawucm and Nachi_Kids?” Steve asked.
“I guess we’ll just keep searching. We shouldn’t stay here, incase the thing that dumped water on us is still here...” Steve said.
“Yeah, but shouldn’t we equip ourselves if we are going out to the wilderness?” Laura asked.
“I agree. Two people stay here so that they can keep watch, incase anything is happening. We can’t see very far when in the village because of the surrounding mountains, and because it is nightime.” Steve replied.

    ashleyspie and Laura decided to go get things, so it leaves Steve with Rushsni to watch. ashleyspie and Laura sprinted down the mountain. Steve and Rushsni waited for them quietly. They were about to open a door by stepping on a pressure plate. Stars shimmered to rainbow colors. Steve got up and walked over a slab of wood. BOOM!  
“Ugh! What was that?!”  Steve bellowed.
Realizing what had happened, Steve yelled downhill, “Don’t step on it! It’s TNT!”
“Huh?” Rushsni said, still organizing thoughts in her head.

    It was too late. Sizzle... Ka-Boom! Traces of wood hit ashleyspie. Laura fell down the crater the TNT had made. Sizzle... Sizzle... Another TNT was about to go off!
“Run with the stuff, ashleyspie!”
Sprinting up the mountain, the TNT blasted ashleyspie upwards ans Laura fell into the now deeper TNT crater.
“Laura, are you okay?!” Rushsni, ashleyspie, and Steve yelled in unison.
“Umm, yeah. I just don’t know how to get out.”
“How did you survive?! You’re were right on top of the TNT when it exploeded!” ashleyspie shouted.
“I was, but just before it I equiped my iron chestplate. I just don’t know how to get out... The hole is kinda deep.”
ashleyspie peeked over the edge as Rushsni and Steve came down.

    Laura was stuck inside, so deep you couldn’t possibly travel upwards.
“Oh, do you have anything you can stack yourself up with?” Rushsni asked.
“No. I think I’m stuck.”
“I can give you some!” said a cheerful voice coming from the trees.
Heads turned as ABmike202 came out and said,
“I have a lot of dirt...”
He threw a couple stacks of dirt downwards.
“Thanks!” Laura said as she stacked herself upwards.
The air seemed to ripple familiarly. Could it be...?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stupid Man.

This guy is the stupidest person I've met.


My second time dying in Monster Gaming. I'll tell everyone about the first and this time.
I was exploring in plotworld and I found a watchtower with a pool beside it. I climbed up, and a sign said, "Jump into the water!" I looked down, and there was a small but deep pool below, so I wouldn't die from fall damage. I jumped and did something really stupid: I turned and moved to the side, and I landed on the edge of the pool. I though I would die, but I didn't. Out of relief, I moved forward and SMACK. I hit a cactus and DIED.
Playing with friends is fun, but you should never randomly teleport to them. I did, and my friend was on a huge bridge, probably in CTF. It was so laggy, and I tried to move. I went to the edge of the bridge and fell down. I wasn't hurt too much, but from there I tried to go home using the command /p h:3. However, since it was so laggy, I simply went to the side of the land and was swallowed by lava.

The first time I got my stuff back cause I remembered where I went from the plotworld, but the second time all my stuff was incinerated by lava. I'M SO STUPID. :(

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Oh NOES! I think somebody knows my MOnster Gaming password.. D: Luckily I was able to change it today. :D

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My friend's blog

Hello people! I wanted to show you Chloe's blog about dogs, its really cute! Also, I might change the blog address sometime this week, so just check back here every other day to make sure that you know the address (Ill make a seperate post for it)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quiz and Crater Lake
Random Minecraft quiz. :) I emailed it to some of my friends who play Minecraft already.

Here are some pics I took while in Oregon, I'm not sure if you guys can see it cause you can't see some of the others I've posted. D:

Chipmunk or something (from Crater Lake):
Crater Lake:
Some kind of Bird (From crater lake):

BTW when I was at CL, I was really bored. We just walked around so my cousin and I stayed in the car most of the time.

From the Poll :
Fantasy was rated #1
Mystery and Romance tied for #2
Sci-Fi was rated #3

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Oregon and Stuffs

Has it been a while?
Since I'm typing in an iPad I apologize if I have terrible grammar. Anyway, today I got to Oregon, but we drove for four hrs. D: I'm here with my cousin and we will stay here for four days and three nights. I really want to say, IT'S HOTTTTTTT!!!!!! We got here around one and went to Shashta Lake Cavers, the cave there was really cool. I think the area should of had more lights. This one guy who was in the same tour group as us was like, "This is Minecraft, I'm looking for diamonds!"
The tour guide girl said some of these limestone rocks were called flowstone, and they if they shone a light underneath it it would glow. So, I thought it was like minecraft glowstone! :D
Yesterday I was playing minecraft and I got a zombie exp farm that I bought for a thousand dollars. Sadly the mob drop area doesnt work too well. I have to redo it later, with someone covering me (cause even if I light the area up sometimes the zombies still spawn.) aznvio3, I just have to say that you are my minecraft nanny. :)
I'll try to update my blog more over the summer, though I really want to spend time on minecraft every time I go onto the computer. how is your summer? Tell me in the comments below!
BTW Im sorry about not posting the manga pics yet, I've drawn them but I have not posted them yet. I'm slacking off too much!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Due to some issues, I'm going to need to moderate comments before allowing them on my blog. I also changed the way comments are posted so you don't need to do the "are you a robot?" part (I personally think it makes things a lot easier).
I don't want to moderate the comments, so if anyone else wants to, email me ( I will email you back some info about this.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last Day Of School!

I came home from school a couple hours ago... :)
I would like to say bye to those of my friends who I forgot to say bye to, LOL.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I found a cool emoticon/smiley website you can use in emails and whatever.
Hehehe, it's pretty cool. Website is:

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Erin posted this with me on google plus.

My first name is Katakitoka

on Friday...

Last Friday, I went to my friend Yolanda's house. I asked her if she would help me sing the Bleeding Blood parody, and she agreed. I showed her the lyrics, we did some revisions, and I heard Yolanda sing! She was very good.
Just so that its easier for me to get to, I'm going to put the link here.;end=4:21;autoreplay=true;showoptions=false

I'm doing my ISearch presentation on Monday! D:


Neha shared this with me in google +

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I got really bored of drawing the characters for the 2,000 view thing, so insted I'm gonna draw individual people from books I know. (This time, I promise to do it!) Today I drew a younger version of a girl in FTGU. I'll try to post it tomorrow. I also drew a random girl leaning against the wall and listening to music. Sorry about being so late drawing the people!

I promise to draw Zero sometime!

EHHH???!! I have 3,017 veiws?! (I just checked) I thought I only had 2,000!!! :O
Okay, For 3,000 views I'll finish one of my two parodies soon!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This CH is actually one of my worse ones... But hopefully thats okay.

Chapter 9: Jump
    “But... But... But...” Steve mumbled.
Before Laura could answer, water poured inwards. The glass panes were crushed and through the water, Steve could see lava burning from the north, coming. Quickly Laura and Steve broke through the wooden planks with a stone ax and sprinted out as water filled the house. Burning noises could be heard when the lava collided with the water.

    ashleyspie, alinawucm, Nachi_kids, and Rushsni were already outside. Laura and Steve rushed over the mountain with them. The village was being destroyed by something anonymous. ashleyspie turned around. Something flew past. Then water was dropped on everyone.
“It’s so cold!” Rushsni complained as more rushed passed.
alinawucm and Nachi_kids climbed up a tree.
“We should get down and help the others!” alinawucm said.
Nachi_Kids aggreed.
“WAIT! If we jump into the water, would we swim or would drown?” alinawucm thought outloud.

“You guys better run before you fall down into the water, it’s freezing!” Laura said.
“We shouldn’t leave...” Nachi_Kids said.
But when the water level increased up to the tree, alinawucm pulled Nachi_kids off, to the other direction of the water..
“They’ll drown!” Nachi_Kids cried.
Everyone not on the tree sank deeper.
“We don’t even have a plan, destination, or map!” Nachi_Kids said again.
“I know our destination.” alinawucm said.

    “Swim, people!” Rushsni cried.
“If you keep talking to me, I’ll be alright.” Laura said.
“Argh!” Steve said as everyone broke to the surface.
Everyone was gasping for breath. Nightime came out.

The End and FTGU characters

For fun, I looked up for characters who could represent the minecraftians in The End and FTGU. I didn't describe how most characters looked like, so hopefully this gives a good description of them. Some characters here have not appeared yet, so I won't tell you their names.
ashleyspie and aznivio3 (They look similar in the anime world):

We all know who he is.







Yeah. I probably left out some characters, so leave a comment if I did.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Parody

I didn't do the video for Make it to the Mineshaft yet, but I started another parody of Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love. Its called Bleeding Blood, and I wanted to do it about Vampires. :) Unless you've read Vampire Knight, you might not understand the song.

First 2 verses:
Closed off from school
I didn't need the pain
Once or twice was enough,

He almost drank it all

Time passes fast
Before you know it you’re frozen
But somethin’ happened
for the very first time with you

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today I have a swimming competition... :(
I have like 2 more views before my blog gets to 2,000, so I won't have enough time to finish the drawing. I'll post it ASAP, though!
This person commented on my blog:
Hey, fyi, you shouldn't put so much of your personal information on this website. I figured out your age, what school you go to, what city you live in, and your first and last name. I could track down where you live if I wanted to. Please be more careful :) -concerned stranger

Saturday, June 1, 2013


In Which Direction Do They Spin?
Which direction do they spin? O.O


1,950 views. I'm not going to be able to finish the pic in time.

Posts and Stuff

Counting this one, I have 148 posts! :D
I'm gonna add a new poll to the bottom of my blog.