Sunday, May 26, 2013


Yeah, so today I had a 3 hr playdate with Melodie and we were going to work on composing a song, but we ended up making and finishing a Minecraft parody for Victoria Justice's "Make it in America". Its called "Make it to the Mineshaft". We didn't record yet but we have all the lyrics. Here's a sneak peak! Give me a comment about how you like it. Some areas don't match up nicely.

1.) Got a diamond pickaxe
down a Minecraft street
Got the emeralds in my chest and
dirt underneath
I'm Just trying,
to make it to the Mineshaft
2.)Only thing to my health
is half a heart,
faded gold chestplate from a spider attack
And I'm dying...
to make it to the mineshaft
3.) And I'm swinging my sword
to the evil mobs
with my helmet down
and my gold boots on
And I'm sprinting...
Straight to the Mineshaft