Sunday, May 26, 2013

From The Ground up

Should I continue FTGU? I've lost most of my intrest in it...


  1. If you've lost interest in it, then I guess you don't have to continue it, I don't really know, it depends on you.

  2. I see. However, I want to know if you liked reading it. I actually don't know if anyone is actually reading it, though. LOL! ^^

  3. Hey, fyi, you shouldn't put so much of your personal information on this website. I figured out your age, what school you go to, what city you live in, and your first and last name. I could track down where you live if I wanted to. Please be more careful :) -concerned stranger

    1. Hello stranger,
      Thank you for your advice. I'm gonna try to take away some stuff later!