Thursday, May 9, 2013

From The Ground Up CH 7

Oh yeah, I'll try to shorten the story stuff because my friend (Ashley) said it was more enjoyable to read when the chapter was shorter... Its so hard! 

Chapter 8: Dream...
He got up and sprinted, following it. It disappeared. Moaning, Steve turned around. Then he gasped, for the flame led him to an End portal. He took a couple of deep breaths and stepped in. He felt the goey black substance swallow him. When he opened his eyes, spirits were staring. Steve yelled but then relized they were the villagers.
“Steve! You’re here!!!” ashleyspie, Rushsni, Nachi_kids, and alinawucm said.
No one can hear you... Something whispered.

Steve just brought out his sword. He continued staring at his soundless friends. He didn’t hear a thing they had just said.
“Steve?” ashleyspie, Rushsni, Nachi_kids, and alinawucm said once again.
No one can hear you... Something whispered.
They came closer to Steve.
“Yeep!!!!! Ahhh!!!! Ghosts!”
Steve stumbled off, running on the spongey white floor.
Take my hand, we can build a land a land from the ground up! Laura’s voice rang in Steve’s mind.
He stopped running, and sat down on the floor. But then he slipped and fell into the void.
“NO!!!! I’m gonna keep respawning and dying if I die!!!! !@#$%^&*!”
There was some blue portal... And Steve dived into it.


    Steve wasn’t respawning and dying when he had awoken. He was on his actual bed.
Confused, he got up and ran around the castle. What an intresting dream I had last night.
“Steve, are you okay?” Laura asked.
“HUH?! I thought we were falling into the void!” Steve cried.
“No. Remember? You were in the accident. Did it do something to your brain?” Laura asked.
“What... Happened?”
“Well, you hardly slept that night, and as you were walking past the street someone spawwned a wither. I notified people and they got you here. The Wither and the person who spawned it is gone, though...”