Saturday, May 4, 2013

From The Ground Up CH 6

Chapter 6: Watch And Wait And Work
Laura screamed and rushed to the topmost area of the castle. The Wither was blocked out by the gate, but it could still shoot wither skulls.
“Steve, where are you?!” She shouted.
As a shot hit her, she yelled,
“It will fall down, but you won’t ever get me to join the nether!”
Suddenly an arrow shot the Wither, and Steve climbed up the fortress’s ladders.
“Help me kill the Wither!!” Laura shouted angrily.

Steve pulled Laura down the tower. He looked out the window, and showed Laura the rumbling black void coming closer. Then a creeper explosion hit the castle walls. It broke and the Wither floated in.
“Are we prepared? Are we there? Do you even care? Now I am afraid, but it's okay. The world crumbles around us!” Laura asks.
“Will everyone die if we do?” Steve asked through the haze.
Laura just coughed, but they ran to the watchtower. The ladder leading to the nether portal was just out of reach.
“No! I don’t want to go to the nether!” Laura protested.
Steve didn’t care, he just wanted to get there safely. The Wither was flying closer now. Steve asked for Laura’s sword and tossed it at a button. They climbed to the top as arrows shot out, against the Wither.
“We don’t have time. I can hear the rumbling now. It’s your chioce if you want to come or not!” Steve said.
This one was pretty short.... I'm starting to think my story will be too short.


  1. I think it's better short, because when I see a super long paragraph/story/essay I don't feel like reading it, but... that's just my opinion!

    1. Ohh, okay!!!! THanks for the advice, now I shall shorten my stories. :)