Monday, May 13, 2013

Error + From the Ground Up CH 8

Sorry for those of you who are currently reading "The End: From The Ground Up" because on my last post, I was supposed to post CH7, but accidentally pasted CH 8. D: So, here is Ch 7, then CH 8. There is also an error on the site where I typed my story. I have two CH 8s, LOL. I fixed it.
Chapter 7: The People
    Laura stood there and wrung her hands nervously. She only had a few seconds to decide before the Wither would kill her. She was spacing out, thinking of the horrible Nether. Steve kept looking back to see where the Wither was. There was no time, the Wither just came and shot an exploding skull.

Screaming and shouting, Steve lunged into the portal. Laura was grappling with it, rolling while the monster was trying to shoot skulls. The Wither flew upwards and swung Laura off. She was falling into the void. Laura closed her eyes, glad that she hadn’t gone into the portal. She felt nothing as she died, and like Steve said, she kept respawning and dying...


“Melodiecai9, you’re squishing me.” ashleyspie said.
“Owwie!” Rushsni said as Melodiecai9 moved over and stepped on her foot.
“When will they find us?” alinawucm wondered.
“Just wait. They will be here soon!” aznvio3 ordered.

There was a mysterious mist oozing around. The people had found themselves being spirits, in some kind of different place. ashleyspie, Rushsni, Nachi_kids, and alinawucm had immediately recognized the End. There were no endermen or Ender Dragon. Nachi_kids sighed and brought out her pickaxe. She looked at it sadly. The people had awoken here, and expected Steve to find them. ashleyspie, Nachi_Kids, Rushsni, alinawucm, and aznvio3 joined together as a group.
“Let’s go mining!” said a boy behind them.
ABmike202 brought out a diamond pickaxe and said,
“We can bring EndStone back to the real worl later!”


Steve felt a ZAP! as he fell on his feet in the Nether. He regreted not pulling Laura in too. But he couldn’t go back, so he just sat in the nether fortress. Then a purple flame blazed in front of him. He looked up.

Chapter 8: Dream...
He got up and sprinted, following it. It disappeared. Moaning, Steve turned around. Then he gasped, for the flame led him to an End portal. He took a couple of deep breaths and stepped in. He felt the goey black substance swallow him. When he opened his eyes, spirits were staring. Steve yelled but then relized they were the villagers.
“Steve! You’re here!!!” ashleyspie, Rushsni, Nachi_kids, and alinawucm said.
No one can hear you... Something whispered.

Steve just brought out his sword. He continued staring at his soundless friends. He didn’t hear a thing they had just said.
“Steve?” ashleyspie, Rushsni, Nachi_kids, and alinawucm said once again.
No one can hear you... Something whispered.
They came closer to Steve.
“Yeep!!!!! Ahhh!!!! Ghosts!”
Steve stumbled off, running on the spongey white floor.
Take my hand, we can build a land a land from the ground up! Laura’s voice rang in Steve’s mind.
He stopped running, and sat down on the floor. But then he slipped and fell into the void.
“NO!!!! I’m gonna keep respawning and dying if I die!!!! !@#$%^&*!”
There was some blue portal... And Steve dived into it.


    Steve wasn’t respawning and dying when he had awoken. He was on his actual bed.
Confused, he got up and ran around the castle. What an intresting dream I had last night.
“Steve, are you okay?” Laura asked.
“HUH?! I thought we were falling into the void!” Steve cried.
“No. Remember? You were in the accident. Did it do something to your brain?” Laura asked.
“What... Happened?”
“Well, you hardly slept that night, and as you were walking past the street someone spawwned a wither. I notified people and they got you here. The Wither and the person who spawned it is gone, though...”