Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ch 5: From The Ground Up

My story is becoming progressively worse. :)

Chapter 5: From The Ground Up
    “Steve, the only way to live is to go to the Nether. But I refuse to.” Laura said.
“Then you’ll die! And you’ll keep dying, because your bed will be destroyed. The land will be gone. You’ll keep dying, in circles!”
“We just have to hurry. Stay with me. We can build a land from the ground up! I don’t even mind leaving it behind.”
“No. We must go to the Nether.”
“Fine. If you ever come back to this village, you’ll find me prospering. Just watch, and wait, and work, untill it all falls down... Just leave. If you beleive the villagers are in the nether, they’re safe enough.”

    “No way. I’m going to eat the food that is left in the houses. I’m starving.” Steve said.
“I don’t care.”
Laura went down to the mine, which wasn’t yet destroyed, and mined through the day and night, with problems in her mind.

    Steve awoke in the villager’s house and got up. The horizon was coming closer, but he estimated they had about 1 day before everthing was gone. Stretching, he walked to the old castle. He gasped. Steve saw a new red flag, the stone walls built high and polished.

“I used all my tools; foundation of clay.” Laura said behind Steve coldy.
“What... It will be gone. You know that.”
“You think that now the end is near, there is nothing to do but wait. The world crumbles around us, but we can still make use of time.”
“That is definetly not what I think! I will go fishing for food, then find everyone and gather them to the nether so they’ll be safe.” Steve said.
“Take my hand, we can build a land a land from the ground up!” Laura said, her frown turning to a kind smile.
She extended her arm for a shake.

    “No.” Steve said simply.
“Go fishing then.” Laura replied.
    Steve stomped down the hill. He was wondering if he should build with the remaining time he had, or to go to the Nether. They could possibly defeat the Wither, but Steve only had one other person on his team, while the Wither had millions. It was turning dark, but he sat by the lake and tossed the rod’s string into the water. BOOM!
“Argh!” Steve shouted.
The Wither came, but didn’t realize Steve was sitting there. The wither flew off to the castle.

“No! Wait!” Steve cried.
He knew Laura could not kill the Wither and his minions alone. He got up and sprinted, but he knew that he wouldn’t reach the place quick enough. Then Steve heard rumbling.
He looked behind him and his eyes widened. Pitch black was coming forth, a mile or so behind him. But it was coming fast. Steve left the fishing rod and ran toward the village. The Wither was almost there, yet he was about half a mile. Quickly, as monsters spawned, he killed a spider, and chopped down some wood. He make a wooden sword and a bow. He killed some skelotens and received 10 arrows. He shot the Wither from behind and rushed foward to help Laura. She seemed to have already met the Wither.


  1. Wait... don't you have to spawn the wither? Or is it able to naturally spawn?

    1. Yeah, you do. I kinda made this part up because it cannot happen in minecraft, but the wither skeloten was killed and the head fell onto the soulsand, which already had 2 heads on it. The soulsand was naturally spawned in T formation in that world, I guess. Sorry if it doesn't make sense...