Sunday, April 21, 2013

The End: From the Ground Up CH 1

I will make this story 2 of "The End." Based on:

From The Ground Up

Chapter 1: Discover
Waking up, Steve stared upwards. The sun was shining into his eyes. Confused, he got up and rubbed his eyes. He slept late last night, after he had finished drying everything. It had rained badly. Steve was devastated when all the crops had been washed away, even more disapointed when the castle’s inside was flushed with rainwater. But hadn’t he fell asleep on his comfortable bed, in his beautiful castle? So why was he looking into the sky instead of the glowstone lamps?

Steve finally dared to look. Yes, the sky was there. Steve gasped when he looked around what was supposed to be his bedroom. The mossy stone walls were replaced by the wooden frames, and the flag at the top was torn. His casstle was in ruins. The top area looked like it was violently ripped off. The ground was covered in ashes and dust, but his room looked like it was the only place that was spared. Everywhere else had been ruined. Steve walked down the crackling stairs. The yellow mat had been torn. Where were his friends? Rushsni, Nachi_Kids, ashleyspie, and alinawucm were living in the same castle as him. He rushed back upstairs. CREEK! CRASH!

Something crashed behind him. Steve grabbed the railing and felt his feet slip beneath him. BAM! After the dust had cleared, he found himself hanging onto the railind. Pulling himself up, he carefully went up the remaining stairs. Searching the bedrooms, he discovered his friends were all gone. Where could they be? Many of the valuable things were gone or broken as well. Steve climbed to the highest point of the castle (or what was left of the highest point) and searched.

Then, he discovered even worse news. The entire village had been crushed. Most wooden houses burned, and the cobblestone ones destroyed by other means. Steve couldn’t bear to think about it. As tears sprung into his eyes, he ran down the castle, even falling down the broken stairs. Then he bumped into something or someone.
“Ow.” They both said in at the same time.

“Huh?” Steve said.
“Hi...” Said the other person.
“Umm, are you from this village?” Steve asked suspiciously.
“Yeah, I’m Laura Shigihara.” She said.
“What happened?!” Steve cried.
“Umm... That was what I was going to ask. I was searching for others but I couldn’t find anyone.” Laura said.