Sunday, April 14, 2013

The End Ch 14

There is one more chapter left after this!
This is pretty short.

Chapter 14 - I don’t Know what to call this...
Suddenly and amazingly, the dragon leaped downwards, aiming for you. You keep hitting it, but before you can even land the second one, it flew away, but soon it came back to you. Once again, you hit it. Although the dragon is still in your sight, there is a stiff pain in your back. Turning around, you see an angry enderman.
“Ahh!” You say, creeped out by its open, huge mouth.
ashleyspie kills it.
The purple black dragon soars above you, and so by jumping up with ashleyspie, you hit it.
“Wait!!!” says a familiar voice.
“Huh?” you and ashleyspie say in unison.
“ashleyspie! Steve! Where is alinawucm and Nachi_Kids?” Rushsni says, panting from sprinting all the way.

You protect yourself from the impact by trying to block it with your sword. BOOM! Everyone falls to the ground from the dragon’s hit. It seems to go in slow motion. Your heart beats quickly, and you pick your sword up from the spongy floor. You can hardly see, but you turn around. The dragon’s vast purple eyes stare just a few feet from you. It comes close and you stick your sword into the dragon’s mouth. It flies upwards and comes back down. You slice its wings and jump onto it, while it struggles to turn you over. Sticking your iron sword into its back, you fall off, onto the ground you can hardly see from this height. Hoping to defeat the weak dragon, you toss your sword upwards into the ender dragon’s throat. Something explodes, with many millions of shining orbs. You see no more because you hit the ground and DIE. ( >:) )

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