Thursday, April 11, 2013

The End Ch 13

Ch 12's ending was kinda weird... I couldn't think of anything else.
Chapter 13 - The Ender Dragon (for fun, listen to :D)
    “What?! ashleyspie, alinawucm, help!!” you say.
ashleyspie and alinawucm don’t have any weapons either, but they help you out of the cobweb.
“Lets run!” ashleyspie reccomends.
“Wow, there’s the Ender Dragon!” you say.
“I won’t be fooled again!”
But it really is there! Its giant, black, smoky wings are larger than its scaly, rough body. Its beady purple eyes are starring chaoticly at you and your friends. Its long, pearly black tail swishes behind it as it flies.
“Wahhh! What do we do?” all three of you ask together.
“Follow me.” Nachi_Kids suddenly speaks up.
“Huh?” Kisshu asks.

    “Eh?” You say.
“Your name is Steve, right? You two are alinawucm and ashleyspie.”
Then she throws a stone sword to all of you.
“I don’t usually carry good weapons with me, but this will do.”
“What???” alinawucm says.

    “Umm, guys...” ashleyspie and alinawucm say nervously.
What? You think.
“Wahhh!” alinawucm says, leaping out of the way to avoid the Ender Dragon.
“Ouch.” she mumbles, as the dragon flies up.
“Well, then, I’ll leave the Ender Dragon. I suppose this will be the last time I see you. Bye.” Kisshu mutters.
“Nachi_Kids!! You need to get us better swords!!” You say.
“Umm, okie!” she says, running off.

    ashleyspie swipes the dragon. The dragon taking no damage. You notice there are endermen all around you. One comes right at you, because you carelssly stared at it. ashleyspie kills it.  Nachi_Kids is back, hands you an iron sword, ashleyspie a diomand sword, and alinawucm a bow with many arrows. Nachi_Kids herself has a diamond sword.
“What should we do?” alinawucm asks, since all this was kind of rushed.
“I guess we kill the ender dragon.” ashleyspie says.

The dragon dives downward! You all sprint to avoid the dragon’s huge purple wings. ashleyspie gives it the first hit. It roars and thrashes as it flies up in the sky. Because ashleyspie was the first to hit it, the ender dragon tries to hit her. You hit it before it can get close to her. It then comes upwards, but somehow it didn’t seem damaged from any of your or ashleyspie’s hits. There are about 30 obsidian towers, but you see some of them have pink-ish pirple-ish crystal orbs on them. A small line of mist connects from the orb to the ender dragon every time it comes close to it. alinawucm shoots the dragon. It roars, but the arrow in the dragon turns into crushed grains when the ray of mist connects to the dragon.
“Those pillars have things on them. We need to destroy them.” You say to the other 3 people.

alinawucm shoots one of the orbs, and it explodes. You decide it probably isn’t safe to hit the orb unless it is hit with range.
ashleyspie says, “How many are there? What if we won’t be able to destroy all of them?”
“Maybe alinawucm and Nachi_Kids should go take care of the orbs. ashleyspie and I can try to kill the dragon after they do that. If only two people walk, then we can save another 2 people’s worth of food.” You say.
“Okay then, but then we’ll meet under the place the dragon dies.” Nachi_Kids says.

    So then Nachi_Kids and alinawucm walk off in the direction of the orbs. You and ashleyspie just hit the dragon when it comes close, waiting for them to hurry.

    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~

    “alinawucm, here is another orb.” Nachi_Kids says.
She shoots it, and it explodes. The dragon is still hovering over another one. After it was shot, it exploded like all the other ones. They’ve shot 9 orbs now. It looks like there is one more, where the dragon is hovering. alinawucm is about to shoot it, but the dragon’s long tail accedentally swished it over, and it landed in front of Nachi_Kids and alinawucm.
“Oh my gosh! Oops!” alinawucm says.
She accedentally let go af the arrow, and it shot the orb. It exploded, and sadly, Nachi_Kids and alinawucm were blasted away.
    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~

    “Steve, its gone! The last one isn’t there anymore, lets get closer so we can kill it!” ashleyspie says excitedly.
“Oh, okay!” you agree.
Getting closer wasn’t excactly easy. Endermen were getting in the way, and ashleyspie had to try to kill them every single time.
*    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~

“Huh? Where am I? Isn’t this... THE END!!! Where is Steve, alinawucm, ashleyspie, and Nachi_Kids? I have to help them!!” rushsni screamed to herself. She had just fell into the end portal, because she knew they would be there, to destroy the dragon.


  1. What happens if they hit each other? o-o

    1. Who is "they"? You mean alinawucm accidentally shooting Steve? LOL.