Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monster Gaming: I die

Yeah, I died.... Let me tell it in a story.I think I was hit by the cactus because after I fell, there were 2 "plk" noises. By "plk" I mean the noise when steve gets hurt.
I walk along, exploring the plotworld. Then I look up. There is no sun. I climb up the watchtower. A sign says, "The leap of Faith", and I look down. A pool of water is beneath me. I sprint of and jump. The I did something extremely stupid: I pressed "W" in the middle of the fall. Landing hard on the edge of the pool, I don't die YET. Then I walk right into cactus and the screen goes reed, saying, "You died!"
I went back to retrieve my stuff. I get everything, but I only got 5 of my 23 exp levels. :(

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