Monday, April 29, 2013

From The Ground Up

I have the feeling that no one is reading this anymore.... Thats okay. It's fun to make stories! :D
I had no idea what to call it. Maybe I'll go over my chapters again once I'm finished typing it and I can find something appropriate for the chapter's name...

Chapter 3: Something
Steve tries to hit it with his sword, but the Wither retaliated with a wither skull. As they were hit, they became dizzy, and their vision blurred once again. Steve could feel pigmen slash away at him from his back, but walking only made him dizzier. Laura screamed and protected herself by dropping to the floor, picking up her sword, and blocking. As more monsters began to gather, Laura ran to the other side of the lava lake. Steve stumbled backwards, and felt his back hit the nertherrack. Ghast fireballs burnt him.

He could see even more monsters coming closer. Then something hot flowed down from the netherrack on top of him. It sizzled and the Wither shot another skull at Steve. skelotens crowded around him. He could see Laura running from a group of zombie pigmen. The hot liquid touched him, and Steve shouted. Another wither skull. The explosion of it blew apart the bottom area, where Steve was standing. He heard a crash, felt the liquid ooze slowly down with him, as he fell. What will become of me? He wondered. Then, smack! He fell to a dark layer of netherbrick.

Laura stabbed at what she could reach with her sword. She was chased to a small cliff, with patches of lava and netherrack at the bottom. Then, a wither skull came flying at her. As it exploded, she lost her footing and slipped off the first layer of the cliff.
“Aargh!” She said.
A pigman came down and hit her with his gold sword. She managed to kill it, but another one came and shoved her down. The second layer was the last, and Laura fell to the netherrack. Thud!

Steve was still dizzy, but he got up and walked a few feet. Then something stabbed his back and he fell.
Laura screamed and shouted as a blaze shot a fireball at her. She was ablaze and ran in circles, forgetting what she was supposed to do. She was hit by another fireball and became unconcious. A wither skull hit her, and Laura was blasted into the lava.


  1. wowww nice story <3 so much violence! haha lol

    1. Heh. I think I know. :P Thanks for reading!

  2. Sorry, I haven't kept up with your stories but I'm gonna read them all and catch up!