Thursday, April 25, 2013

From The Ground Up

I don't know what to say.

Chapter 2: What?!
    Purple flares flew around the village, as Steve and Laura looked around. They continued searching every house and every corner, until it was clear: there were only two people left of the village.
“What are we going to do? Was it the Ender Dragon?” Laura asked quietly.
“It cant have been the dragon, I killed it half a year ago!” Steve said.
“We’ll search, even if we have to get out of the village to do so.”
Steve was really mentally lost at the moment, but kept walking to the border of the village.  The icy biome blew snow and leaves at their faces.
“We can’t continue if the weather is like this.” Laura said.
Her neat ponytail had turned messy and her clothes were ruffled. Steve silently agreed.

    One flame wizzed by. Burnt, they fell onto the gravel road. Once they got up, Laura said,
“I think we should go to the nether!!! What if they went there because while whatever destroyed this place, the nether was the only safe place!”
“Thats possible, but wouldn’t they come back?”
“Yeah... But it is possible that a ghast unlit the portal.”

    “Anyone here?!” Steve shouted as the left the nether portal.
The feiry ground  blazed and ghasts, blazes, and wither skelotens came closer.
“Steve, did you hear that?! There was some muffled sound!”
“Mnph! Mnnmk!”
“Is that just a ghast?” Steve replied.
“Should we check? It seems... Oh no... From the directions the wither skelotens are coming!” Laura said.

    Steve hit the skeloten’s head with the blade of his stone sword. Laura took a blast from a blaze before drawing her diamond sword. Two skelon heads dropped onto the soul sand. Laura killed another. Three. The ground seemed to glow blue, black, and purple. They received a blast stronger than even TNT and a charged creeper combined.

    Laura heard screams. Were they here own? She had dropped her sword. She could see skelotens with sharp stone swords swarm around her.
    Steve shouted. He punched (he couldn’t kick cause he is a minecraftian >:D) but wouldn’t hit anything. Steve grappled with a zombie pigman as a ghast shot fireballs at him.

    BOOM! An explosion had hit the ground. This wasn’t as powerful at the last one, but now Laura and Steve felt dizzy. Their vision was blurred. All other monsters but the wither skelotens and zombie pigmen imediately died if they were close to the impact. After about 7 seconds, their vision came back and no longer felt dizzy.

    Laura and Steve sprinted back togther and gasped when they saw it. It wasn’t huge like the Ender Dragon, but it was 7 or 8 feet high and 3 or 4 feet wide. It had three wither skeloten heads, and the rest of the body were like ribs, with the spine ending to become a tail. It was completely black except for its gray mouths and eyes.
“Isn’t that.... a Wither?!” Laura asked, afraid.