Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daylight Sensors, Quartz, Redstone Comparator

Sorry for those of you who don't play Minecraft...
What are Daylight Sensors, Quartz, Redstone Comparator???? I just don't really get how the sensors work. The only thing I know about quartz is that its found in the nether. I know what a redstone repeater does, but not a comparator. Help!!!!

BTW, at WRMS, there is a poster on one side of the cafeteria that has math posters. Mine is there, but its TERRIBLE. There is another one that has a tittle of,
Level D:
And my friend Erin pointed out to me,
Level D:
Still don't get it? Look at the "D:" part. Its
As in the face. D: I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I found it really amusing!!! LOL.

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