Thursday, April 18, 2013

CH 15 The End

Cool! The Last chapter...

Chapter 15 - Respawning
You hear vioces but don’t want to open your eyes to see what had happened.
“Your spawn is right next to us. Wake up.”
“Ugh.” You say, finally daring to open your eyes.
ashleyspie, alinauwcm, Rushsni, and Nachi_Kids are next to you.
“What?! How did you die?!” You ask.
“The orb exploded in front of us, so we died.” alinawucm said.
“Rushsni and I were hit directly by that dragon. Luckily, you survived.” ashleyspie says.
“Of course, you killed it, right?” Nachi_Kids says.
You can almost smell everyone’s eagerness, but you say, “I don’t know, Sorry. I think so, though.”
Nachi_Kids smiles and said, “Yes, you did. You PROBABLY did.”
Everyone grins and starts to celebrate silently, without moving.
“I shouldn’t have been their friends.” Nachi_Kids says sadly.
“It’s okay, you didn’t know what they were doing.” ashlyespie says.

You think about how you were a simple village person. Now you’ve earned yourself many friends.
But It Is Only The Beginning Of The End...

If you read “The End” all the way until now, thanks so much! I really hope you enjoyed it. I know I made many spelling or grammar mistakes.. Sorry! BTW, when I said “Nachi_Kids” I really meant to say “Nakachi_Kids”. However I didn't find out what the username’s correct form was until 4/6/13. By then, I wrote “Nachi_Kids” instead of “Nakachi_Kids” about 15 times, and I was just too lazy to fix it. Sorry, Nakachi_Kids!
I want to thank Ashley (ashleyspie), Sniggy Piggy (Rushsni), and Erin (Nakachi_Kids) for having no problem when I used their Minecraft usernames. I was alinawucm, of course.
I think I’ll type another book (or whatever you call it) related to “The End” and make a trilogy. What should I do?
Please leave a comment! :D :D :D :D

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