Sunday, April 7, 2013

CH 12 The End

I've finished it.There are 15 chapters in all, but the last two might count as one because they're pretty short.I think I'll begin writing another story.
Chapter 12 - Spiders Are Creepy
    “Na -- chi_Kids?!” you say.
“Tihs si ym feirnd. Paelse dno’t teg agnry.” She explained to the villagers.
They nodded and went away. So Nachi_Kids was their friend? Should you help her or stop her?
“Hi!” Nachi_Kids said.
“What!? You must help me rescue my friends from the EVIL Kisshu!!!”
“Who’s that?”
“He is our enemy! He is trying to destroy human kind with Voldemort.
“Help me!!!” you say as you see Kisshu teleport infront of you.

    “Heh Heh, so you met Nachi_kids? Sorry, she can’t help you.” He says terribly.
“Oh, I know you!!!!” Nachi_Kids says.
“Well, we are also your friends, right? So don’t help him!.”
Nachi_Kids frowned.
“Go away!!! We will destroy the Ender Dragon!!!!!” you scream.
“Dragon Swords!” the two sharp swords appear in Kisshu’s hands.
You then realize you have no weapons because you left them at the Survival Games.
“Nachi_Kids!!!! Come on, help me!” you say unhappily.
“Leave me out of this, okie?” She said.
“Wahhhhh!” You cry.
You run around in a wild goose chase with Kisshu.
“Where are my friends?” you demand.
“Oh, ok, you wanna know? FUSION!”

    A gigantic spider arose from the spongy white ground. Its gleaming red eyes targeted you.
“Eeeek!” you scream.
You say, “Nachi_Kids, can I borrow a weapon?”
She drops a wooden sword on the ground.
“Nachi_Kids!! Why did you do give that to Steve? Now he has a good chance of winning!” Kisshu says.
“Argh!!” you keep hitting the spider, glad Nachi_Kids gave you that.
The Chimera animal is dying. But right after it fell... SPLAT! A gooey cobweb was spat at you. You’re stuck!
“ashleyspie! alinawucm!” you say happily.
“Yayyyy! Steve found Nachi_Kids!” they respond.
“You’re stuck!” Kisshu says evily.

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