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Hey Chickadee!

I think Its very cute. is a website that sells things.

Q and A

Oh yeah... I keep forgetting it.
Q: How fast will a hopper transfer items into a chest? Answer in TPS. (So no, you can't say "immediately")
A: 8 ticks

From The Ground Up

I have the feeling that no one is reading this anymore.... Thats okay. It's fun to make stories! :D
I had no idea what to call it. Maybe I'll go over my chapters again once I'm finished typing it and I can find something appropriate for the chapter's name...

Chapter 3: Something
Steve tries to hit it with his sword, but the Wither retaliated with a wither skull. As they were hit, they became dizzy, and their vision blurred once again. Steve could feel pigmen slash away at him from his back, but walking only made him dizzier. Laura screamed and protected herself by dropping to the floor, picking up her sword, and blocking. As more monsters began to gather, Laura ran to the other side of the lava lake. Steve stumbled backwards, and felt his back hit the nertherrack. Ghast fireballs burnt him.

He could see even more monsters coming closer. Then something hot flowed down from the netherrack on top of him. It sizzled and the Wither shot another skull at Steve. skelotens crowded around him. He could see Laura running from a group of zombie pigmen. The hot liquid touched him, and Steve shouted. Another wither skull. The explosion of it blew apart the bottom area, where Steve was standing. He heard a crash, felt the liquid ooze slowly down with him, as he fell. What will become of me? He wondered. Then, smack! He fell to a dark layer of netherbrick.

Laura stabbed at what she could reach with her sword. She was chased to a small cliff, with patches of lava and netherrack at the bottom. Then, a wither skull came flying at her. As it exploded, she lost her footing and slipped off the first layer of the cliff.
“Aargh!” She said.
A pigman came down and hit her with his gold sword. She managed to kill it, but another one came and shoved her down. The second layer was the last, and Laura fell to the netherrack. Thud!

Steve was still dizzy, but he got up and walked a few feet. Then something stabbed his back and he fell.
Laura screamed and shouted as a blaze shot a fireball at her. She was ablaze and ran in circles, forgetting what she was supposed to do. She was hit by another fireball and became unconcious. A wither skull hit her, and Laura was blasted into the lava.

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Hahaha. I'm so evil.

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From The Ground Up

I don't know what to say.

Chapter 2: What?!
    Purple flares flew around the village, as Steve and Laura looked around. They continued searching every house and every corner, until it was clear: there were only two people left of the village.
“What are we going to do? Was it the Ender Dragon?” Laura asked quietly.
“It cant have been the dragon, I killed it half a year ago!” Steve said.
“We’ll search, even if we have to get out of the village to do so.”
Steve was really mentally lost at the moment, but kept walking to the border of the village.  The icy biome blew snow and leaves at their faces.
“We can’t continue if the weather is like this.” Laura said.
Her neat ponytail had turned messy and her clothes were ruffled. Steve silently agreed.

    One flame wizzed by. Burnt, they fell onto the gravel road. Once they got up, Laura said,
“I think we should go to the nether!!! What if they went there because while whatever destroyed this place, the nether was the only safe place!”
“Thats possible, but wouldn’t they come back?”
“Yeah... But it is possible that a ghast unlit the portal.”

    “Anyone here?!” Steve shouted as the left the nether portal.
The feiry ground  blazed and ghasts, blazes, and wither skelotens came closer.
“Steve, did you hear that?! There was some muffled sound!”
“Mnph! Mnnmk!”
“Is that just a ghast?” Steve replied.
“Should we check? It seems... Oh no... From the directions the wither skelotens are coming!” Laura said.

    Steve hit the skeloten’s head with the blade of his stone sword. Laura took a blast from a blaze before drawing her diamond sword. Two skelon heads dropped onto the soul sand. Laura killed another. Three. The ground seemed to glow blue, black, and purple. They received a blast stronger than even TNT and a charged creeper combined.

    Laura heard screams. Were they here own? She had dropped her sword. She could see skelotens with sharp stone swords swarm around her.
    Steve shouted. He punched (he couldn’t kick cause he is a minecraftian >:D) but wouldn’t hit anything. Steve grappled with a zombie pigman as a ghast shot fireballs at him.

    BOOM! An explosion had hit the ground. This wasn’t as powerful at the last one, but now Laura and Steve felt dizzy. Their vision was blurred. All other monsters but the wither skelotens and zombie pigmen imediately died if they were close to the impact. After about 7 seconds, their vision came back and no longer felt dizzy.

    Laura and Steve sprinted back togther and gasped when they saw it. It wasn’t huge like the Ender Dragon, but it was 7 or 8 feet high and 3 or 4 feet wide. It had three wither skeloten heads, and the rest of the body were like ribs, with the spine ending to become a tail. It was completely black except for its gray mouths and eyes.
“Isn’t that.... a Wither?!” Laura asked, afraid.

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The End: From the Ground Up CH 1

I will make this story 2 of "The End." Based on:

From The Ground Up

Chapter 1: Discover
Waking up, Steve stared upwards. The sun was shining into his eyes. Confused, he got up and rubbed his eyes. He slept late last night, after he had finished drying everything. It had rained badly. Steve was devastated when all the crops had been washed away, even more disapointed when the castle’s inside was flushed with rainwater. But hadn’t he fell asleep on his comfortable bed, in his beautiful castle? So why was he looking into the sky instead of the glowstone lamps?

Steve finally dared to look. Yes, the sky was there. Steve gasped when he looked around what was supposed to be his bedroom. The mossy stone walls were replaced by the wooden frames, and the flag at the top was torn. His casstle was in ruins. The top area looked like it was violently ripped off. The ground was covered in ashes and dust, but his room looked like it was the only place that was spared. Everywhere else had been ruined. Steve walked down the crackling stairs. The yellow mat had been torn. Where were his friends? Rushsni, Nachi_Kids, ashleyspie, and alinawucm were living in the same castle as him. He rushed back upstairs. CREEK! CRASH!

Something crashed behind him. Steve grabbed the railing and felt his feet slip beneath him. BAM! After the dust had cleared, he found himself hanging onto the railind. Pulling himself up, he carefully went up the remaining stairs. Searching the bedrooms, he discovered his friends were all gone. Where could they be? Many of the valuable things were gone or broken as well. Steve climbed to the highest point of the castle (or what was left of the highest point) and searched.

Then, he discovered even worse news. The entire village had been crushed. Most wooden houses burned, and the cobblestone ones destroyed by other means. Steve couldn’t bear to think about it. As tears sprung into his eyes, he ran down the castle, even falling down the broken stairs. Then he bumped into something or someone.
“Ow.” They both said in at the same time.

“Huh?” Steve said.
“Hi...” Said the other person.
“Umm, are you from this village?” Steve asked suspiciously.
“Yeah, I’m Laura Shigihara.” She said.
“What happened?!” Steve cried.
“Umm... That was what I was going to ask. I was searching for others but I couldn’t find anyone.” Laura said.


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So funny!

I want to say I am happy since I got 2,000+ views on meh blog. :D 

Peeps to Creeps?

1. Wear protection when eating
2. Wear gloves and don't touch when popping into mouth.

CH 15 The End

Cool! The Last chapter...

Chapter 15 - Respawning
You hear vioces but don’t want to open your eyes to see what had happened.
“Your spawn is right next to us. Wake up.”
“Ugh.” You say, finally daring to open your eyes.
ashleyspie, alinauwcm, Rushsni, and Nachi_Kids are next to you.
“What?! How did you die?!” You ask.
“The orb exploded in front of us, so we died.” alinawucm said.
“Rushsni and I were hit directly by that dragon. Luckily, you survived.” ashleyspie says.
“Of course, you killed it, right?” Nachi_Kids says.
You can almost smell everyone’s eagerness, but you say, “I don’t know, Sorry. I think so, though.”
Nachi_Kids smiles and said, “Yes, you did. You PROBABLY did.”
Everyone grins and starts to celebrate silently, without moving.
“I shouldn’t have been their friends.” Nachi_Kids says sadly.
“It’s okay, you didn’t know what they were doing.” ashlyespie says.

You think about how you were a simple village person. Now you’ve earned yourself many friends.
But It Is Only The Beginning Of The End...

If you read “The End” all the way until now, thanks so much! I really hope you enjoyed it. I know I made many spelling or grammar mistakes.. Sorry! BTW, when I said “Nachi_Kids” I really meant to say “Nakachi_Kids”. However I didn't find out what the username’s correct form was until 4/6/13. By then, I wrote “Nachi_Kids” instead of “Nakachi_Kids” about 15 times, and I was just too lazy to fix it. Sorry, Nakachi_Kids!
I want to thank Ashley (ashleyspie), Sniggy Piggy (Rushsni), and Erin (Nakachi_Kids) for having no problem when I used their Minecraft usernames. I was alinawucm, of course.
I think I’ll type another book (or whatever you call it) related to “The End” and make a trilogy. What should I do?
Please leave a comment! :D :D :D :D

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I agree, Pusheen, I agree.

The End Ch 14

There is one more chapter left after this!
This is pretty short.

Chapter 14 - I don’t Know what to call this...
Suddenly and amazingly, the dragon leaped downwards, aiming for you. You keep hitting it, but before you can even land the second one, it flew away, but soon it came back to you. Once again, you hit it. Although the dragon is still in your sight, there is a stiff pain in your back. Turning around, you see an angry enderman.
“Ahh!” You say, creeped out by its open, huge mouth.
ashleyspie kills it.
The purple black dragon soars above you, and so by jumping up with ashleyspie, you hit it.
“Wait!!!” says a familiar voice.
“Huh?” you and ashleyspie say in unison.
“ashleyspie! Steve! Where is alinawucm and Nachi_Kids?” Rushsni says, panting from sprinting all the way.

You protect yourself from the impact by trying to block it with your sword. BOOM! Everyone falls to the ground from the dragon’s hit. It seems to go in slow motion. Your heart beats quickly, and you pick your sword up from the spongy floor. You can hardly see, but you turn around. The dragon’s vast purple eyes stare just a few feet from you. It comes close and you stick your sword into the dragon’s mouth. It flies upwards and comes back down. You slice its wings and jump onto it, while it struggles to turn you over. Sticking your iron sword into its back, you fall off, onto the ground you can hardly see from this height. Hoping to defeat the weak dragon, you toss your sword upwards into the ender dragon’s throat. Something explodes, with many millions of shining orbs. You see no more because you hit the ground and DIE. ( >:) )

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Monster Gaming: I die

Yeah, I died.... Let me tell it in a story.I think I was hit by the cactus because after I fell, there were 2 "plk" noises. By "plk" I mean the noise when steve gets hurt.
I walk along, exploring the plotworld. Then I look up. There is no sun. I climb up the watchtower. A sign says, "The leap of Faith", and I look down. A pool of water is beneath me. I sprint of and jump. The I did something extremely stupid: I pressed "W" in the middle of the fall. Landing hard on the edge of the pool, I don't die YET. Then I walk right into cactus and the screen goes reed, saying, "You died!"
I went back to retrieve my stuff. I get everything, but I only got 5 of my 23 exp levels. :(

The End Ch 13

Ch 12's ending was kinda weird... I couldn't think of anything else.
Chapter 13 - The Ender Dragon (for fun, listen to :D)
    “What?! ashleyspie, alinawucm, help!!” you say.
ashleyspie and alinawucm don’t have any weapons either, but they help you out of the cobweb.
“Lets run!” ashleyspie reccomends.
“Wow, there’s the Ender Dragon!” you say.
“I won’t be fooled again!”
But it really is there! Its giant, black, smoky wings are larger than its scaly, rough body. Its beady purple eyes are starring chaoticly at you and your friends. Its long, pearly black tail swishes behind it as it flies.
“Wahhh! What do we do?” all three of you ask together.
“Follow me.” Nachi_Kids suddenly speaks up.
“Huh?” Kisshu asks.

    “Eh?” You say.
“Your name is Steve, right? You two are alinawucm and ashleyspie.”
Then she throws a stone sword to all of you.
“I don’t usually carry good weapons with me, but this will do.”
“What???” alinawucm says.

    “Umm, guys...” ashleyspie and alinawucm say nervously.
What? You think.
“Wahhh!” alinawucm says, leaping out of the way to avoid the Ender Dragon.
“Ouch.” she mumbles, as the dragon flies up.
“Well, then, I’ll leave the Ender Dragon. I suppose this will be the last time I see you. Bye.” Kisshu mutters.
“Nachi_Kids!! You need to get us better swords!!” You say.
“Umm, okie!” she says, running off.

    ashleyspie swipes the dragon. The dragon taking no damage. You notice there are endermen all around you. One comes right at you, because you carelssly stared at it. ashleyspie kills it.  Nachi_Kids is back, hands you an iron sword, ashleyspie a diomand sword, and alinawucm a bow with many arrows. Nachi_Kids herself has a diamond sword.
“What should we do?” alinawucm asks, since all this was kind of rushed.
“I guess we kill the ender dragon.” ashleyspie says.

The dragon dives downward! You all sprint to avoid the dragon’s huge purple wings. ashleyspie gives it the first hit. It roars and thrashes as it flies up in the sky. Because ashleyspie was the first to hit it, the ender dragon tries to hit her. You hit it before it can get close to her. It then comes upwards, but somehow it didn’t seem damaged from any of your or ashleyspie’s hits. There are about 30 obsidian towers, but you see some of them have pink-ish pirple-ish crystal orbs on them. A small line of mist connects from the orb to the ender dragon every time it comes close to it. alinawucm shoots the dragon. It roars, but the arrow in the dragon turns into crushed grains when the ray of mist connects to the dragon.
“Those pillars have things on them. We need to destroy them.” You say to the other 3 people.

alinawucm shoots one of the orbs, and it explodes. You decide it probably isn’t safe to hit the orb unless it is hit with range.
ashleyspie says, “How many are there? What if we won’t be able to destroy all of them?”
“Maybe alinawucm and Nachi_Kids should go take care of the orbs. ashleyspie and I can try to kill the dragon after they do that. If only two people walk, then we can save another 2 people’s worth of food.” You say.
“Okay then, but then we’ll meet under the place the dragon dies.” Nachi_Kids says.

    So then Nachi_Kids and alinawucm walk off in the direction of the orbs. You and ashleyspie just hit the dragon when it comes close, waiting for them to hurry.

    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~

    “alinawucm, here is another orb.” Nachi_Kids says.
She shoots it, and it explodes. The dragon is still hovering over another one. After it was shot, it exploded like all the other ones. They’ve shot 9 orbs now. It looks like there is one more, where the dragon is hovering. alinawucm is about to shoot it, but the dragon’s long tail accedentally swished it over, and it landed in front of Nachi_Kids and alinawucm.
“Oh my gosh! Oops!” alinawucm says.
She accedentally let go af the arrow, and it shot the orb. It exploded, and sadly, Nachi_Kids and alinawucm were blasted away.
    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~

    “Steve, its gone! The last one isn’t there anymore, lets get closer so we can kill it!” ashleyspie says excitedly.
“Oh, okay!” you agree.
Getting closer wasn’t excactly easy. Endermen were getting in the way, and ashleyspie had to try to kill them every single time.
*    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~    *    ~

“Huh? Where am I? Isn’t this... THE END!!! Where is Steve, alinawucm, ashleyspie, and Nachi_Kids? I have to help them!!” rushsni screamed to herself. She had just fell into the end portal, because she knew they would be there, to destroy the dragon.

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CH 12 The End

I've finished it.There are 15 chapters in all, but the last two might count as one because they're pretty short.I think I'll begin writing another story.
Chapter 12 - Spiders Are Creepy
    “Na -- chi_Kids?!” you say.
“Tihs si ym feirnd. Paelse dno’t teg agnry.” She explained to the villagers.
They nodded and went away. So Nachi_Kids was their friend? Should you help her or stop her?
“Hi!” Nachi_Kids said.
“What!? You must help me rescue my friends from the EVIL Kisshu!!!”
“Who’s that?”
“He is our enemy! He is trying to destroy human kind with Voldemort.
“Help me!!!” you say as you see Kisshu teleport infront of you.

    “Heh Heh, so you met Nachi_kids? Sorry, she can’t help you.” He says terribly.
“Oh, I know you!!!!” Nachi_Kids says.
“Well, we are also your friends, right? So don’t help him!.”
Nachi_Kids frowned.
“Go away!!! We will destroy the Ender Dragon!!!!!” you scream.
“Dragon Swords!” the two sharp swords appear in Kisshu’s hands.
You then realize you have no weapons because you left them at the Survival Games.
“Nachi_Kids!!!! Come on, help me!” you say unhappily.
“Leave me out of this, okie?” She said.
“Wahhhhh!” You cry.
You run around in a wild goose chase with Kisshu.
“Where are my friends?” you demand.
“Oh, ok, you wanna know? FUSION!”

    A gigantic spider arose from the spongy white ground. Its gleaming red eyes targeted you.
“Eeeek!” you scream.
You say, “Nachi_Kids, can I borrow a weapon?”
She drops a wooden sword on the ground.
“Nachi_Kids!! Why did you do give that to Steve? Now he has a good chance of winning!” Kisshu says.
“Argh!!” you keep hitting the spider, glad Nachi_Kids gave you that.
The Chimera animal is dying. But right after it fell... SPLAT! A gooey cobweb was spat at you. You’re stuck!
“ashleyspie! alinawucm!” you say happily.
“Yayyyy! Steve found Nachi_Kids!” they respond.
“You’re stuck!” Kisshu says evily.

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Daylight Sensors, Quartz, Redstone Comparator

Sorry for those of you who don't play Minecraft...
What are Daylight Sensors, Quartz, Redstone Comparator???? I just don't really get how the sensors work. The only thing I know about quartz is that its found in the nether. I know what a redstone repeater does, but not a comparator. Help!!!!

BTW, at WRMS, there is a poster on one side of the cafeteria that has math posters. Mine is there, but its TERRIBLE. There is another one that has a tittle of,
Level D:
And my friend Erin pointed out to me,
Level D:
Still don't get it? Look at the "D:" part. Its
As in the face. D: I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I found it really amusing!!! LOL.

Spring and Stuff

1.) Because there are peeps marshmallows!!!
2.) Easter is pretty fun
3.) Fowers are pretty...


1.) I have allergies
2.) Star Test is coming up
3.) Bugs bug me >:(

    What do you think???? Leave a comment.

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How odd...
Whenever I vote for green on that poll, it doesn't count my vote. Oh well.