Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The End Ch 9

Hee Hee. I like this one.

Chapter 9 - We’re Finished!
She swings her iron sword at ashleyspie, who was hit and fell backwards.
“Lets go, Mint!”
“Why? I can finish these survival games on my own.” Mint says stubbornly.
“You’v already got scratches and bruises, you can’t go on like this.”
“Yes, I can!”
Mint begins to fight ashleyspie, who is shocked that she wouldn’t join your team.
“Let’s go.” alinawucm says, leaving an injured Harry Potter behind.
“Steve has killed Ronald Weasly!” a booming voice says overhead.

You sprint away from Harry Potter and Mint, who also seem to be running away from each other.
“I don’t understand! Why would she decline our invitation?” you ask.
“I think she might want to become famous by winning by herself, with no one on her team.” ashleyspie says thoughtfully, “oh, and it’s night time, we should atleast build a small house to sleep in without and mobs.”
You begin to gather wood, turning them into sticks for a fire and stacking them to make a wall (with difficulty to make the roof).
When you’re finished it is 11 o’clock. There are already some monsters but thanks to your fire, they don’t seem to want to get close.

“Ugh....” everyone sighs.
It is about 7 o’clock in the morning. you’re glad no one has ambushed you during night time.But then you hear grass twigs breaking and leaves being shooken. You equip your weapon, backing off. Mint Momomiya comes walking tierdly out of the trees. She only notices that you, ashleyspie, and alinawucm when she is shot by alinawucm’s arrow. Jumping upwards in fright and pain, she turns around.

Equiping her iron sword, she lunges at ashleyspie.
“Ahh!” they both scream.
alinawucm is shooting at a safe distance, while you run of to help. Then, ashleyspie begins to crumple, but she manages to get away. alinawucm and ashleyspie switch weapons so ashleyspie can shoot from a safer distance, for she is currently weak.
alinawucm comes to help you, but no you’re tired too! She is about to kill you when ashleyspie shoots her off. Suddenly, somehow, she squeezed all of you into a corner of your house.
“hehehe, I told you I could do it!!” she shouts.
As you all wait for her sword to come, it doesn’t.
“Ahh! Whatt?!” Mint screams furriously.
Ne-Ko has come to save you -- but she has no weapon. How long do you think she will last?

Mint is attacking very quickly, so at last Ne-Ko runs away. Mint comes torwards you! But then, ashleyspie says, “No! Power combine!!!!”
Mint gasps as a blue, green, and purple ball of light comes together, (blue from you, green from alinawucm, and purple from ashleyspie) to the tip of ashlespie’s iron sword. Anyway, she charges at all of you with all her might, but ashleyspie blocks her attack with her glowing, rainbow sword. Mint is knocked backwards on a big tree trunk.
“Ahh!” she screams.
ashleyspie attacks her once again, and even the tree is snapped apart from the shining sword.
“ashleyspie has slayed Mint Momomiya!” a booming voice over head says.

Everyone is gasping, out of breath, and not beleiving they could muster the power to combine their friendship’s power into ashleyspie’s sword.
“Wow!!! That was so cool, ashleyspie! I cannot belive we did it! You saved our necks!!!” alinawucm gasped, as you agree.
“I know! I didn’t even know I could do that, but then a voice came from my heart.”
“Wait! We have to thank Ne-Ko too!!!” you realize.

It is the end of these Survival Games, only the three of you are left. What should I do? You think.
“We will 'die'.” ashleyspie says suddenly.
“Sorry?” you say, misunderstanding what she said.
“We will 'die', alinawucm and I will pretend to be dead. Once you have the portal, make a plan to announce into the microphone, give us the signal, ‘A and A’.” (A= ashleyspie and A= alinawucm)
“Uhh, okay then, I will see you two soon.... Umm, have a nice eternal dream, umm, yeah, I will finish you two off. I will KILL you two so hard that you’ll DIE to death.” You say a little too expressionlessly and loudly.
“Ahh!” alinawucm and ashleyspie scream convincingly.
They fall down, and wink.
“Double Kill! Steve has killed ashleyspie and alinawucm!! HE HAS WON THE end portal!!!!” the anouncer says.