Saturday, March 2, 2013

The End Ch 8

Chapter 8 - The Survival Games
“Uhhh...” you moan. Beside you, ashleyspie and alinawucm are getting up too.
You notice Kisshu has left a paper in Earth! You pick it up. it says:

Become a tribute in the Survival Games,
and if you win... get the stronghold that has been rumored of the end portal being there!
Sign up by going to the Millionare Stadium in Goldenrod village.
Offer ends 2/28/13.

You notice today is 2/21/13, so you should sign up, even though you will have a chance of death in the Survival Games, because only one out of the 12 will come out of the arena, alive. You shiver at the thought. But this could be the only way to get the End! You must enter! You show it to ashleyspie and alinawucm, who are both thinking the same thing as you.

“Wow! Goldenrod Village is so big!” you say excitedly.
“Look! There is the Millionare Stadium.” ashleyspie says nervously.
“Won’t we... won’t we... have to battle each other in the end, since there can only be one winner?” alinawucm says quietly.
“It doesn’t matter, we MUST win the end portal.” You say a little too bravely.
“Excuse me, your names are? You may enter the stadium in a few hours, since today is 2/28/13. Good luck.” this boy says darkly.
You intoduce yourselves to this person, and he says, “you’re competing against Ne-Ko Japan, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ronald Weasly, Albus Dumbledore, Neville Longbottom, Goyle Garrab, and Mint Momiomya. Ofcourse, you three will have to fight each other in the end.” Then the boy walks away, showing no sign of pity.

The stadium is a huge glass dome, filled with 4 natural biomes: forest, tundra, jungle, and desert. You spawn on an iron plate. Some others look terrified, some look brave, some looked murderous. 2 especially scared people were Ne-Ko Japan and Neville Longbottom. The signal of start appears, and your heart is beating harder than ever. BEEP! You plunder to the middle where the weapons are, you get a stone sword and 2 slices of pork. You gather with ashleyspie and alinawucm, moving away from the center as quickly as possible. You hear a slice and cry of triumph behind you. A booming voice says, “Mint Momomiya has slayed Albus Dumbledore!”
Mint, how could she so quickly kill someone? She must have a very good weapon. You sprint of, and at last you get to a tundra biome.

“I -- need food.” ashleyspie says.
You hand her a porkchop. ashleyspie has an iron sword and a sheath of arrows. alinawucm has an ender pearl and a bow. ashleyspie hands alinawucm the arrows, because she can’t use them with a sword. You’re all gasping for breath. Turning around, you see a girl - Ne-ko? She is soaring through the trees like a bird, Draco and Goyle sprinting at her tail. She gets away at last.
“There are people close by us, we should move along so that they cannot find us and cannot kill us.” ashleyspie reccomends.
“Yeah.” you agree.

Moving along, the trees are like blurs and patches of water are splashed around as you move in them. When you get to a jungle biome, it seems like you’re isolated from all the other people.
“Oh, no! What if Kisshu comes and starts fighting us? We’ll have an unfair disadvantage.” ashleyspie realizes.
“I know, right? We should always stay together, or else we’ll be picked of one by one.” you say.
“I am thinking about the end, who will win? Who will... die?” alinawucm asked.
There seems to be no answers to each of the questions. A scream breaks the silence. This scream wasn’t a scream of triumph, but a scream of fear.
“I think it’s Mint, we should team with her because she probably has a good weapon!” you shout.

Plundering of deeper into the forest, you can hear ashleyspie and alinawucm sprinting behind you. It is Mint, fighting with an iron sword againts 2 people (Ronald and Harry) who have stone swords. You begin by sneaking quietly behind Ronald and you begin to hit him from behind. He turns around but has a disadvantage because you hit him first. He is begining to fight you. The sword blades hurt! You think as you attempt to run away.
alinawucm is shooting at Harry Potter who seems to be dying quicker. ashleyspie runs over to Mint, who is watching in disbeleif, her iron sword at her side.
“Mint, want to join us?” ashleyspie asks.
“No!” Mint screams.

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