Monday, March 18, 2013

The End Ch 10

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Chapter 10 - The biggest FAIL

You’re telleported out of the cheering arena, and you land in the End Portal Room with the boy who asked for your names.
“Wow! Good job, man!” he says happily.
He opens the door and you go out of the End Portal Room.
“May I umm, anounce something to the crowd of people?” you ask unsteadily.
“Okay, sure...” the boy says, puzzled.
He Hands you the Mic and you say quietly then loudly, “A and A... Err, thanks for cheering for me, everyone. I, umm, really appreciate the End Portal you gave me as a reward, and.. yeah.” you say.

    “WAIT!” Someone says.
“They’re NOT dead! Look! ashleyspie and alinawucm are sneaking past, I can hardly see them, but they ARE!!!” the girl says, pointing in the arena.
“Oh, then, don’t worry. If they wanted Steve to win, we’ll just finish them for him. Right, Steve?” a guy says.
“NO!!! I mean, yes, I meant ‘no’ by, umm, somebody offered me cake.” you say.
“Well then, LET’S GET THE TWO GIRLS!” the guy says.
“YEAH!” everyone agrees.
“NO!” you say, although the cheers and screams drown down your voice.

    You whip through the trees, to warn them, you must get there first!
“ashleyspie!!! alinawucm!!!” you scream in fury.
Trees seem to be grabbing your feet and arms, but you keep pushing through.
“AHH!” This time, the scream is real.
“Ugh.” you fall down. It seems that you collided with them.
Impatiently, you say, “They’re coming. They’re going to kill you! For real!”
“Follow me, and don’t make as much as a speck of sound!” you whisper.

    You lead them to the End Portal Room. Suddenly, a fist is banging on the door you locked.
“We know you’re in there, alinawucm and ashleyspie!!” many people chant. angrily
Just as the door is about to burst from the angry people, you grab the girls’ wrists and plunge down into the cold, deep, mysterious portal.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *  
    “AAHHHHH!” everyone shouts together.
“Is everyone Okay?” alinawucm asks, “also, Steve, please explain to us about what happened.”
You tell them your story.
ashleyspie says, “somehow, Rushsni got in the arena and gave us some potions.”
She hands a regeneration potion and two instant damage potions to you.

    “HAHAHAHA!!!” Kisshu is having another laugh spasm.
“Kisshu!” you all say in unision.
“Thats right, and today, playtime is over!” he says, “Voldemort ordered the destruction of you three, mainly because I was having so much fun with you and he said I need to concentrate on his plans. So, I think today will be the last day we see each other, is it not?” He smirks.
“Yes, it is not! We will win once again, and destroy the End!” you say.
“Minecraftians. Sooo weird.” Kisshu murmers, roling his eyes.
alinawucm throws an instant damage potion at him.
“Ugh! What.. is this... Th... ing...” He says, getting weaker, “Argh!” he shakes his head and seems to be unaffected.
“We’ll kill the Ender Dragon!” you say.
“What?! You can’t because the End isn’t part of your property.”
“Don’t be selfish, the End is ours too.” ashleyspie snarls.
“Well, then... The overland is just as much ours.” Kisshu says with a voice like poisoned honey.
“DIE!!!” you say, plunging your sword at him.
He doges it, and says, “Dragon swords!”
You two seemed to be locked in a battle. You feel the spongy white ground and see the pitch black sky.
“Ahh!” you wheeze, something hit you from behind.
“Dark Lord!” Kisshu gasped, throwing himself to Voldemort’s feet.
ashleyspie brings out her sword while alinawucm loads her arrow. ashleyspie hits, and alinawucm shoots. But with a puff of smoke, Voldemort dissapears. He telleported behind ashleyspie and points at her. She falls, although it seems that Voldemort had not done much.

    alinawucm kicks with all her might, and the Dark Lord hits the ground. He gets up quickly to Dodge alinawucm’s arrow and attempts to punch her.
“Ahh!” she cries, nearly being hit.
You and ashleyspie cannot move, while alinawucm keeps trying to dodge Voldemort’s attacks.
“Argh!! You little.. umm.. THING! Petrificus Totalis!” a red spark hits alinawucm and she rolls over on the ground.
She gets up, but can’t stand up on her feet. Voldemort and Kisshu laugh together.They whisper and Kisshu nods a couple of times. Then, he somehow forces you to telleport on one of the 10 tall obsidian towers.
“You might be usefull to us, so my master ordered that you stay here and I question you before destroying you.” he says.
“You know, the more you talk, the longer you live.” he says when you all shut your mouth tightly together.

    You cannot do anything because you’re so tightly bound togther by an invisible rope. Maybe, you think, the speed potion, regeneration potions, or the instant damage potion will help you? You think. You can still move, but stifly, so maybe you should drink the speed potion. But you also feel weak! Myabe the regeneration ones will help you... Without thinking you pick up the speed potion and sip it, only a little. You get up quickly. Kisshu looks very suprised at your speed.
“You cannot do anything, if you fight me you’ll surely die, because that spell makes you weak. If you try escaping, you will die too because this tower is tall.”
You peek downwards, and its true. You can’t even see the ground!

    Weakly and slowly, alinawucm and ashleyspie get up.
“Stop, Steve. We will have to tell him about the Earth, I guess.” ashleyspie says.
Wait, did you just see a wink from alinawucm and ashleyspie?
Just in case it was real, you decide to play along with their plan. Or did they have a plan?
“Earth is less bright.” alinawucm said extremely slowly.
You begin to think they’re just stalling time.
“Hey, look! Is that the Ender dragon?!” ashleyspie said.
alinawucm comes over to you while Kisshu’s back is turned and whispers,
“Go.” Kisshu is about to turn around, “Nachi_Kids.”
Then she pushes you of the tower, and you fall, making no sound.

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