Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ch 11 The End

I think some of my friends know Yolanda. She is making a story, and on her blog (http://aznvio3-art.blogspot.com/) she said I motivated her. XD Great, so I guess that motivates me to keep typing my story. It might be a while until next times I post, because I want to do absolutely nothing over Spring Break. Once I finish this (I think there will be about 5 -10 more chapters), do you think I should keep typing like some series thats connected to The End? Let me know in the comments. BTW< can you read the other language? XD

Chapter 11 - Nachi_Kids
Oof. Where am I??? Spongy floor. Big fall.
Gasping, you cough and get up. What did alinawucm mean by “Go. Nachi_Kids”?
Then you remember. Nachi_Kids! Ofcourse! She was the once who Rushsni talked about. The person who had gone through the End Portal and came back to the real world for a minute then was somehow teleported back here. Now that you thinkof it, how will you get back to Earth? You begin to worry. ashleyspie isn’t here, nor alinawucm. When you needed help they were the ones to encourage you. There was no one to ask for advice!

That fall really hurt, You guess the speed potion was why you didn’t die, or maybe it was because you were ready for that push. Anyway, you guess that you must find Nachi_Kids, she must be the only minecraftian in the End!
Perhaps she lives near an obsidian tower? HOW IN THE WORLD WILL YOU FIND HER??? You decide to begin by searching in... that direction (point). As you walk along you can hear ashleyspie and alinawucm’s screams. Probably trying to fight a Chimera animal since Kisshu noticed you were gone. You begin to turn around and run, but you decide whats needed more. If you get to them, you’re no use, you cannot climb up the tower. Plus, Kisshu will find you easily if you turn back.

You just hope they’re fine. Kisshu is probably looking for you now, so you begin to sprint. Only then you notice how hungry you are. You search in your inventory but you gave all the peices to ashleyspie. Maybe you can live for enough time. You see an alien village of in the distance. Could they possibly be nice enough to trade a minecraftian food? Looking around, Kisshu is nowhere near, so you continue on to the village, which is pretty much the exact same thing as a n Earth village. However, the wood was replaced with endstone (that white spongy thingy on the ground), the wooden planks were obsidian, and the road was made of not gravel, but glass. Through the glass you could see lava.

You walk torwards it. You really hope they won’t be mean to you. But then, again, what language do they speak? One of the villagers with a black robe sees you. He chatters quickly away to another one, wearing a yellow coat.
“umm, can I have food?” you say loudly, slowly, and clearly.
They look confused.
“Waht? I dno’t konw yuor lnaugage.” The one with the black rope says.
You can’t decipher his message.
“Do you speak English?”
“Waht si ‘English’?”
“Nevermind.” you respond unhappily.
Then the villager with the black rope gasped at pointed at you.
“Eh deons’t hvae piotny eras!”
“Eh Seons’t konw our lnaugage ehetir!” another one adds.
“Get him!!!”
You know their last two angry words. Luckily, villagers can’t hurt people sice they have no weapons. They just swarm around you like an angry mob. However, you’ve got to get away from them. What if Kisshu sees you because these angry people caught his eye?

“Wiat.” says a human like voice.
A human with short brown hair, black eyes, had an ipod and was listening to it, came out of the crowd.
She said, “I am Nachi_Kids.”


  1. Whoops! I meant "robe" not "rope"

  2. Btw, I know that I told you (alina) this before but just in case no one else knows, Nachi_kids is wrong. Its Nakachi_kids! I know cause thats me!

    1. Erin, I already told you. I wrote it incorrectly in my first story, so I'm not going to change it, or it may be confusing for my readers.