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Found this on google plus, and it is true!

Poll/Q and A

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Q & A time!
Q: How does Riolu evolve into Lucario in Pokemon Diamond?
A: You must level it to lv. 20 then make it happy by winning battles and stuff like that. (I think.)

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Minecraft Parodies

Just want to share these... Pretty funny. ♪ "Mine With Me" A Minecraft Song Parody of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" ♪ Never Mining Together - A Minecraft Parody of Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

Ch 11 The End

I think some of my friends know Yolanda. She is making a story, and on her blog ( she said I motivated her. XD Great, so I guess that motivates me to keep typing my story. It might be a while until next times I post, because I want to do absolutely nothing over Spring Break. Once I finish this (I think there will be about 5 -10 more chapters), do you think I should keep typing like some series thats connected to The End? Let me know in the comments. BTW< can you read the other language? XD

Chapter 11 - Nachi_Kids
Oof. Where am I??? Spongy floor. Big fall.
Gasping, you cough and get up. What did alinawucm mean by “Go. Nachi_Kids”?
Then you remember. Nachi_Kids! Ofcourse! She was the once who Rushsni talked about. The person who had gone through the End Portal and came back to the real world for a minute then was somehow teleported back here. Now that you thinkof it, how will you get back to Earth? You begin to worry. ashleyspie isn’t here, nor alinawucm. When you needed help they were the ones to encourage you. There was no one to ask for advice!

That fall really hurt, You guess the speed potion was why you didn’t die, or maybe it was because you were ready for that push. Anyway, you guess that you must find Nachi_Kids, she must be the only minecraftian in the End!
Perhaps she lives near an obsidian tower? HOW IN THE WORLD WILL YOU FIND HER??? You decide to begin by searching in... that direction (point). As you walk along you can hear ashleyspie and alinawucm’s screams. Probably trying to fight a Chimera animal since Kisshu noticed you were gone. You begin to turn around and run, but you decide whats needed more. If you get to them, you’re no use, you cannot climb up the tower. Plus, Kisshu will find you easily if you turn back.

You just hope they’re fine. Kisshu is probably looking for you now, so you begin to sprint. Only then you notice how hungry you are. You search in your inventory but you gave all the peices to ashleyspie. Maybe you can live for enough time. You see an alien village of in the distance. Could they possibly be nice enough to trade a minecraftian food? Looking around, Kisshu is nowhere near, so you continue on to the village, which is pretty much the exact same thing as a n Earth village. However, the wood was replaced with endstone (that white spongy thingy on the ground), the wooden planks were obsidian, and the road was made of not gravel, but glass. Through the glass you could see lava.

You walk torwards it. You really hope they won’t be mean to you. But then, again, what language do they speak? One of the villagers with a black robe sees you. He chatters quickly away to another one, wearing a yellow coat.
“umm, can I have food?” you say loudly, slowly, and clearly.
They look confused.
“Waht? I dno’t konw yuor lnaugage.” The one with the black rope says.
You can’t decipher his message.
“Do you speak English?”
“Waht si ‘English’?”
“Nevermind.” you respond unhappily.
Then the villager with the black rope gasped at pointed at you.
“Eh deons’t hvae piotny eras!”
“Eh Seons’t konw our lnaugage ehetir!” another one adds.
“Get him!!!”
You know their last two angry words. Luckily, villagers can’t hurt people sice they have no weapons. They just swarm around you like an angry mob. However, you’ve got to get away from them. What if Kisshu sees you because these angry people caught his eye?

“Wiat.” says a human like voice.
A human with short brown hair, black eyes, had an ipod and was listening to it, came out of the crowd.
She said, “I am Nachi_Kids.”

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Tee Hee!

I went on Google Plus and found this by Laugh Out Loud.I guess its true.

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The End Ch 10

Hehe, like it?

Chapter 10 - The biggest FAIL

You’re telleported out of the cheering arena, and you land in the End Portal Room with the boy who asked for your names.
“Wow! Good job, man!” he says happily.
He opens the door and you go out of the End Portal Room.
“May I umm, anounce something to the crowd of people?” you ask unsteadily.
“Okay, sure...” the boy says, puzzled.
He Hands you the Mic and you say quietly then loudly, “A and A... Err, thanks for cheering for me, everyone. I, umm, really appreciate the End Portal you gave me as a reward, and.. yeah.” you say.

    “WAIT!” Someone says.
“They’re NOT dead! Look! ashleyspie and alinawucm are sneaking past, I can hardly see them, but they ARE!!!” the girl says, pointing in the arena.
“Oh, then, don’t worry. If they wanted Steve to win, we’ll just finish them for him. Right, Steve?” a guy says.
“NO!!! I mean, yes, I meant ‘no’ by, umm, somebody offered me cake.” you say.
“Well then, LET’S GET THE TWO GIRLS!” the guy says.
“YEAH!” everyone agrees.
“NO!” you say, although the cheers and screams drown down your voice.

    You whip through the trees, to warn them, you must get there first!
“ashleyspie!!! alinawucm!!!” you scream in fury.
Trees seem to be grabbing your feet and arms, but you keep pushing through.
“AHH!” This time, the scream is real.
“Ugh.” you fall down. It seems that you collided with them.
Impatiently, you say, “They’re coming. They’re going to kill you! For real!”
“Follow me, and don’t make as much as a speck of sound!” you whisper.

    You lead them to the End Portal Room. Suddenly, a fist is banging on the door you locked.
“We know you’re in there, alinawucm and ashleyspie!!” many people chant. angrily
Just as the door is about to burst from the angry people, you grab the girls’ wrists and plunge down into the cold, deep, mysterious portal.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *  
    “AAHHHHH!” everyone shouts together.
“Is everyone Okay?” alinawucm asks, “also, Steve, please explain to us about what happened.”
You tell them your story.
ashleyspie says, “somehow, Rushsni got in the arena and gave us some potions.”
She hands a regeneration potion and two instant damage potions to you.

    “HAHAHAHA!!!” Kisshu is having another laugh spasm.
“Kisshu!” you all say in unision.
“Thats right, and today, playtime is over!” he says, “Voldemort ordered the destruction of you three, mainly because I was having so much fun with you and he said I need to concentrate on his plans. So, I think today will be the last day we see each other, is it not?” He smirks.
“Yes, it is not! We will win once again, and destroy the End!” you say.
“Minecraftians. Sooo weird.” Kisshu murmers, roling his eyes.
alinawucm throws an instant damage potion at him.
“Ugh! What.. is this... Th... ing...” He says, getting weaker, “Argh!” he shakes his head and seems to be unaffected.
“We’ll kill the Ender Dragon!” you say.
“What?! You can’t because the End isn’t part of your property.”
“Don’t be selfish, the End is ours too.” ashleyspie snarls.
“Well, then... The overland is just as much ours.” Kisshu says with a voice like poisoned honey.
“DIE!!!” you say, plunging your sword at him.
He doges it, and says, “Dragon swords!”
You two seemed to be locked in a battle. You feel the spongy white ground and see the pitch black sky.
“Ahh!” you wheeze, something hit you from behind.
“Dark Lord!” Kisshu gasped, throwing himself to Voldemort’s feet.
ashleyspie brings out her sword while alinawucm loads her arrow. ashleyspie hits, and alinawucm shoots. But with a puff of smoke, Voldemort dissapears. He telleported behind ashleyspie and points at her. She falls, although it seems that Voldemort had not done much.

    alinawucm kicks with all her might, and the Dark Lord hits the ground. He gets up quickly to Dodge alinawucm’s arrow and attempts to punch her.
“Ahh!” she cries, nearly being hit.
You and ashleyspie cannot move, while alinawucm keeps trying to dodge Voldemort’s attacks.
“Argh!! You little.. umm.. THING! Petrificus Totalis!” a red spark hits alinawucm and she rolls over on the ground.
She gets up, but can’t stand up on her feet. Voldemort and Kisshu laugh together.They whisper and Kisshu nods a couple of times. Then, he somehow forces you to telleport on one of the 10 tall obsidian towers.
“You might be usefull to us, so my master ordered that you stay here and I question you before destroying you.” he says.
“You know, the more you talk, the longer you live.” he says when you all shut your mouth tightly together.

    You cannot do anything because you’re so tightly bound togther by an invisible rope. Maybe, you think, the speed potion, regeneration potions, or the instant damage potion will help you? You think. You can still move, but stifly, so maybe you should drink the speed potion. But you also feel weak! Myabe the regeneration ones will help you... Without thinking you pick up the speed potion and sip it, only a little. You get up quickly. Kisshu looks very suprised at your speed.
“You cannot do anything, if you fight me you’ll surely die, because that spell makes you weak. If you try escaping, you will die too because this tower is tall.”
You peek downwards, and its true. You can’t even see the ground!

    Weakly and slowly, alinawucm and ashleyspie get up.
“Stop, Steve. We will have to tell him about the Earth, I guess.” ashleyspie says.
Wait, did you just see a wink from alinawucm and ashleyspie?
Just in case it was real, you decide to play along with their plan. Or did they have a plan?
“Earth is less bright.” alinawucm said extremely slowly.
You begin to think they’re just stalling time.
“Hey, look! Is that the Ender dragon?!” ashleyspie said.
alinawucm comes over to you while Kisshu’s back is turned and whispers,
“Go.” Kisshu is about to turn around, “Nachi_Kids.”
Then she pushes you of the tower, and you fall, making no sound.

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OOPS! Q and A

You know that Q and A thing? Well, I totally forgot about it. So...
Q: How do you make / spawn a wither on Minecraft?
A: Make a "T" shape with soulsand. On the "T" top, place 3 wither skeloten skulls on all of the 3 soulsands, the one in the middle first.

Monster Gaming

I am usually playing on a Minecraft server called Monster Gaming when on the computer, so I don't post much anymore. I will try to keep posting, though! If you want to join Monster Gaming...
Things you can do:
Make a plot
Fight mobs in the MA
Get recources from the wilderness
Its really fun! :D

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The End Ch 9

Hee Hee. I like this one.

Chapter 9 - We’re Finished!
She swings her iron sword at ashleyspie, who was hit and fell backwards.
“Lets go, Mint!”
“Why? I can finish these survival games on my own.” Mint says stubbornly.
“You’v already got scratches and bruises, you can’t go on like this.”
“Yes, I can!”
Mint begins to fight ashleyspie, who is shocked that she wouldn’t join your team.
“Let’s go.” alinawucm says, leaving an injured Harry Potter behind.
“Steve has killed Ronald Weasly!” a booming voice says overhead.

You sprint away from Harry Potter and Mint, who also seem to be running away from each other.
“I don’t understand! Why would she decline our invitation?” you ask.
“I think she might want to become famous by winning by herself, with no one on her team.” ashleyspie says thoughtfully, “oh, and it’s night time, we should atleast build a small house to sleep in without and mobs.”
You begin to gather wood, turning them into sticks for a fire and stacking them to make a wall (with difficulty to make the roof).
When you’re finished it is 11 o’clock. There are already some monsters but thanks to your fire, they don’t seem to want to get close.

“Ugh....” everyone sighs.
It is about 7 o’clock in the morning. you’re glad no one has ambushed you during night time.But then you hear grass twigs breaking and leaves being shooken. You equip your weapon, backing off. Mint Momomiya comes walking tierdly out of the trees. She only notices that you, ashleyspie, and alinawucm when she is shot by alinawucm’s arrow. Jumping upwards in fright and pain, she turns around.

Equiping her iron sword, she lunges at ashleyspie.
“Ahh!” they both scream.
alinawucm is shooting at a safe distance, while you run of to help. Then, ashleyspie begins to crumple, but she manages to get away. alinawucm and ashleyspie switch weapons so ashleyspie can shoot from a safer distance, for she is currently weak.
alinawucm comes to help you, but no you’re tired too! She is about to kill you when ashleyspie shoots her off. Suddenly, somehow, she squeezed all of you into a corner of your house.
“hehehe, I told you I could do it!!” she shouts.
As you all wait for her sword to come, it doesn’t.
“Ahh! Whatt?!” Mint screams furriously.
Ne-Ko has come to save you -- but she has no weapon. How long do you think she will last?

Mint is attacking very quickly, so at last Ne-Ko runs away. Mint comes torwards you! But then, ashleyspie says, “No! Power combine!!!!”
Mint gasps as a blue, green, and purple ball of light comes together, (blue from you, green from alinawucm, and purple from ashleyspie) to the tip of ashlespie’s iron sword. Anyway, she charges at all of you with all her might, but ashleyspie blocks her attack with her glowing, rainbow sword. Mint is knocked backwards on a big tree trunk.
“Ahh!” she screams.
ashleyspie attacks her once again, and even the tree is snapped apart from the shining sword.
“ashleyspie has slayed Mint Momomiya!” a booming voice over head says.

Everyone is gasping, out of breath, and not beleiving they could muster the power to combine their friendship’s power into ashleyspie’s sword.
“Wow!!! That was so cool, ashleyspie! I cannot belive we did it! You saved our necks!!!” alinawucm gasped, as you agree.
“I know! I didn’t even know I could do that, but then a voice came from my heart.”
“Wait! We have to thank Ne-Ko too!!!” you realize.

It is the end of these Survival Games, only the three of you are left. What should I do? You think.
“We will 'die'.” ashleyspie says suddenly.
“Sorry?” you say, misunderstanding what she said.
“We will 'die', alinawucm and I will pretend to be dead. Once you have the portal, make a plan to announce into the microphone, give us the signal, ‘A and A’.” (A= ashleyspie and A= alinawucm)
“Uhh, okay then, I will see you two soon.... Umm, have a nice eternal dream, umm, yeah, I will finish you two off. I will KILL you two so hard that you’ll DIE to death.” You say a little too expressionlessly and loudly.
“Ahh!” alinawucm and ashleyspie scream convincingly.
They fall down, and wink.
“Double Kill! Steve has killed ashleyspie and alinawucm!! HE HAS WON THE end portal!!!!” the anouncer says.

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The End Ch 8

Chapter 8 - The Survival Games
“Uhhh...” you moan. Beside you, ashleyspie and alinawucm are getting up too.
You notice Kisshu has left a paper in Earth! You pick it up. it says:

Become a tribute in the Survival Games,
and if you win... get the stronghold that has been rumored of the end portal being there!
Sign up by going to the Millionare Stadium in Goldenrod village.
Offer ends 2/28/13.

You notice today is 2/21/13, so you should sign up, even though you will have a chance of death in the Survival Games, because only one out of the 12 will come out of the arena, alive. You shiver at the thought. But this could be the only way to get the End! You must enter! You show it to ashleyspie and alinawucm, who are both thinking the same thing as you.

“Wow! Goldenrod Village is so big!” you say excitedly.
“Look! There is the Millionare Stadium.” ashleyspie says nervously.
“Won’t we... won’t we... have to battle each other in the end, since there can only be one winner?” alinawucm says quietly.
“It doesn’t matter, we MUST win the end portal.” You say a little too bravely.
“Excuse me, your names are? You may enter the stadium in a few hours, since today is 2/28/13. Good luck.” this boy says darkly.
You intoduce yourselves to this person, and he says, “you’re competing against Ne-Ko Japan, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ronald Weasly, Albus Dumbledore, Neville Longbottom, Goyle Garrab, and Mint Momiomya. Ofcourse, you three will have to fight each other in the end.” Then the boy walks away, showing no sign of pity.

The stadium is a huge glass dome, filled with 4 natural biomes: forest, tundra, jungle, and desert. You spawn on an iron plate. Some others look terrified, some look brave, some looked murderous. 2 especially scared people were Ne-Ko Japan and Neville Longbottom. The signal of start appears, and your heart is beating harder than ever. BEEP! You plunder to the middle where the weapons are, you get a stone sword and 2 slices of pork. You gather with ashleyspie and alinawucm, moving away from the center as quickly as possible. You hear a slice and cry of triumph behind you. A booming voice says, “Mint Momomiya has slayed Albus Dumbledore!”
Mint, how could she so quickly kill someone? She must have a very good weapon. You sprint of, and at last you get to a tundra biome.

“I -- need food.” ashleyspie says.
You hand her a porkchop. ashleyspie has an iron sword and a sheath of arrows. alinawucm has an ender pearl and a bow. ashleyspie hands alinawucm the arrows, because she can’t use them with a sword. You’re all gasping for breath. Turning around, you see a girl - Ne-ko? She is soaring through the trees like a bird, Draco and Goyle sprinting at her tail. She gets away at last.
“There are people close by us, we should move along so that they cannot find us and cannot kill us.” ashleyspie reccomends.
“Yeah.” you agree.

Moving along, the trees are like blurs and patches of water are splashed around as you move in them. When you get to a jungle biome, it seems like you’re isolated from all the other people.
“Oh, no! What if Kisshu comes and starts fighting us? We’ll have an unfair disadvantage.” ashleyspie realizes.
“I know, right? We should always stay together, or else we’ll be picked of one by one.” you say.
“I am thinking about the end, who will win? Who will... die?” alinawucm asked.
There seems to be no answers to each of the questions. A scream breaks the silence. This scream wasn’t a scream of triumph, but a scream of fear.
“I think it’s Mint, we should team with her because she probably has a good weapon!” you shout.

Plundering of deeper into the forest, you can hear ashleyspie and alinawucm sprinting behind you. It is Mint, fighting with an iron sword againts 2 people (Ronald and Harry) who have stone swords. You begin by sneaking quietly behind Ronald and you begin to hit him from behind. He turns around but has a disadvantage because you hit him first. He is begining to fight you. The sword blades hurt! You think as you attempt to run away.
alinawucm is shooting at Harry Potter who seems to be dying quicker. ashleyspie runs over to Mint, who is watching in disbeleif, her iron sword at her side.
“Mint, want to join us?” ashleyspie asks.
“No!” Mint screams.