Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The End Chapter 4

Heh Heh, I think this is the longest chapter I've made so far!
I might change the story, so in the end of "The End" I will repost the whole story, most likely.

Aliens and the Dragon - Chapter 4
“I am Kisshu.” The person says, with a cold voice.
“What?! Who exactly are you? And have you seen my friends ashleyspie and alinawucm?” You ask suspiciously.
“Yes, in fact, they are in this.” He holds up some kind of see-through jellyfish thing, and says, “FUSION!”
The pale jellyfish glows, and falls down, landing on a zombie’s head. The Zombie enlarges to a giant, its face becomes a ghastly yellow, its teeth snap and snarl. The zombie’s hand swollens, and without warning, it leaps onto you. But you’re ready and you slip aside.
“How are they inside a zombie?!” you demand.
“Oh, if you can kill it then they’ll come out. This is called a chimera animal. Like my creation? Hahahaha, sleep well forever! Go, chimera animal!” Kishu says shouts.
The giant zombie roars like a lion, and stumbles to get you. It immediatly destroys any blocks blocking it. You actually have to sprint to avoid the zombie’s big feet. but at last you’re cornered, and there is nowhere to go. Luckily you’ve got a bow with you, along with some arrows. Shooting at it from a safe distance, the chimera animal finnaly dies. The pale jellyfish returns to Kisshu, and ashleyspie and alinawucm apear where the zombie last stepped.
“I see you’re not bad. I will be back to play some more. Bye for now!” Kishu mutters.

“What just happened???” alinawucm asked, “all I saw was this guy dressed in complete black and he used some kind of power to suck out my soul with a jellyfish.”
“Me too! While I was following you, Steve, that person teleported right in front of me and said ‘Chimera animal! Go!’ and I couldn’t do anything.” ashleyspie says unhappily.
“He told me his name is Kisshu and that he would come back. Thats all, and the jellyfish thing attached itself to a zombie, enlarging it. At last I killed it, but that was really frightening!” you say, “I think we should stay together now, just in case it happens again.”
The other two agree, and you take one of the forks.

“Finally!!!” The three of you say together once you’ve reached the bottom of the well. You go into the water, and swim upwards. The top of the well had been broken by the dragon, so, now you can swim up.
“It’s fine! I think we can get out!” You cry happily.
“Horray!!!” Everyone says.
“So, you’ve made it to the top, and its such a big acheivement. If you can defeat this, your achivement will be even bigger!” Kisshu’s voice boomed, laughing, as a smoking, on fire, Ghast floats toward you. The ghast wheezes a terrible wheeze occasionaly, and shoots fireballs at you. It isn’t enlarged like the zombie, but it floats quicker and its fireballs are more damaging than normal ghasts.
“ahhh!” ashleyspie says, she is in flames.
“How dare you use mobs to attack innocent people!” alinawucm says angrily.
“Hahahaha! You’re next then, alinawucm.” Kisshu says.
“Yikes!” she says, diving out of the way. She raises her bow and shoots at the ghast while ashleyspie is recovering from her burns.
You swipe at it with your iron sword, and it screeches. The ghast plunders quickly at you, shooting flaming fireballs, but you deflect them by carefully hitting then with your sword. Each of them hit the chimera animal, and the ghast wheezes, withering, and dies. The jellyfish returns to the alien.
He says, “You don’t need a soul to make a chimera animal, but it makes it more powerful. See you soon, then.” He scowls and leaves.
alinawucm and ashleyspie are gasping.
“Can I have some food?” ashleypie asked. You hand her some and nibble a little bit yourself.
You look at the vilage, it is still destroyed. The sky is darkening, and you realize how tired you are.
“Let’s go rest in one of the houses that isn’t completely burnt, guys.” you say.

The next day, you’re well rested.
“What will we do today?” alinawucm asks.
“Oh, I know! We can hunt down Kisshu and destroy him for good!!! Then we can destroy the ender dragon! But, ofcourse, that will take long time to do.”

~...In another dimension, another universe...~
“Ahhh! Dark lord, how will I destroy humankind? My first few attemps have failed! I am sorry!” Kisshu says.
Crucio!” Says Voldemort, in a high pitched, merciless voice.
Kisshu screamed in pain and withered as if his insides had been squashed.


  1. Hehe, it's pretty cool how you combined Tokyo Mew Mew, Minecraft, and Harry Potter in the same story! :D

    1. Thanks a lot! That wasn't hard at all though, actually.

  2. Im trying to read it now alina!! YAY!!! Btw, I agree with ashley and so far, it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :3

  3. Im reading it now Alina! Btw, I agree with Ashley! ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!