Sunday, February 17, 2013

The End Chapter 3

Go to the end of this post to see a description of stuff. I hope you like it!

The Survivors - Chap 3
Huh? What? Oh, yes...
When do you think he’ll wake up?
Oh, I don’t know. Is he even still alive, after the creeper exploding?
“AHHH!” You wake up with a start! You’re on a comfy bed, you must’ve passed out after that creeper exploded.
“Who are you?!” You ask.
“I am ashleyspie, and this is alinawucm.” The bulbasoar says, pointing to herself then to the brown haired, blue eyed girl.
“Hello, we saw you lying on the floor with a bunch of blasted stone around you, so we guessed that a creeper attacked you.”
“Uhh, ok. So will we be fighting the Ender Dragon?!” You ask excitedly.
“That thing that destroyed our village?! Of course not! Do you actually think we have a chance against it, with nothing? Oh, yeah! I will show you the stuff we have. Err...” says ashleyspie.
“Here.” alinawucm says, passing a diamond sword a bow to ashleyspie.
“Yeah, and we also have alinawucm’s cat. Her name is Masha.” ashleyspie points out.
“Anyway, you haven’t told us who you are yet.” alinawucm notices.
“I am Steve.” you feel weird because you’ve said so little, and they’ve said so much.
“Did you take my bread after I passed out?!” You have just noticed they didn’t say they had any food.
“Oh no!” ashleyspie and alinawucm say in unision.

“Well, then, I guess our first mission is to get out of this sewer?” You ask hopefully. Atleast you’ll have something to do.
“Yep.” ashleyspies says, “But we don’t know how, the only way is up the well, and, ofcourse, you know, after you jump in you can’t get out.”
“Gee, this’ll be hard!” You complain.
“What about food? We don’t have any!” you add.
“Oh, this will be a disaster.” alinawucm says, frowning thoughtfully.
“And we can’t get any recources because there is no wood here! Argh!!!” ashleyspie says unhappily.
“Let’s first find our way back to the well we came down from, maybe we can get out if we try!” You say hopefully.

The others agree, and you set of together, while fighting of teams of monsters. The sewer is like a maze (with monsters)! You come to a fork, with 3 passageses.
“I’ll take the one in the middle”, you say.
“Okay, I will take the right on, and alinawucm can take the left one.” ashleyspie says.
As you walk along the wet road, you shiver because it it so creepy, with hardly any light here. You reach another fork, and you think that you’ll be able to remember which way you took, so calmly you take the right one. You meet ashleyspie!
“Oh, why don’t we take the other fork in my tunnel?” You ask.
“Sure!” ashleyspie agrees.

Then you guys hear a frightening scream.
“Ahhhh!” Someone says. It might be alinawucm!” ashleyspie says. You sprint back the the start, but it turns out you took the wrong tunnel to get back. You’re lost! You hear the scream again, but this time is seems like a different person.
“Lets go back!” you try to think quickly, but it seems to be you turned the wrong way again. You look around, but ashleyspie isn’t there anymore! “What’s going on?” you think. Then, two voices in unision say, “ahh!” “Oh, no! Steve, how are you going to find the other two?!” Suddenly, a wisp of black ripples comes out in front of you -- it’s the person dressed in black from your dream. He has an evil smile on his face. He must be an alien, you think, because he has pionty ears, olive hair, and yelloe eyes. Plus, who in the world can float and teleport without ender pearls?

 Description of stuff
Mob = Monster
Types of mobs = (each one has a SA - special ability, some SA copied from Minecraft)

  • Spider SA= climb walls, move fast
  • Enderman SA= teleport
  • Ghast SA= fly, shoot fireballs
  • Skeloten SA= fire arrows
  • Creeper SA= Explode on you
Types of bosses = (some copied from Minecraft, some from Pokemon)
  • Ender Dragon SA= flies, has regeneration powers, is a one hit KO to you (20 feet high, 25 feet long)
  • Wither SA= Flies, can fire TNT anywhere, can leech away your life (8 feet high, 3 feet long)
  • Skeloten King SA= cannot be hurt by attacks, must be drowned or pushed into lava, fires arrows rapidly (One per 2 secs) (18 feet high, 6 feet wide)
  • The mysterious Ghast SA= ? (height = ? Width = ?)
  • Darkria SA= shoot dark orbs, can protect itself with a see - through black bubble, can teleport like an enderman (8 feet high, 2 feet long)
Types of Allies: (Copied from Minecraft)
  • Villagers SA = will trade goods with you
  • Wolves (When tamed, dogs) = will help fight enimies
  • Ocelot (When tamed, cats) = keep creepers away from you


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