Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The End - Chap 2

Hey guys! I might not be posting as much stuff these days because I'm working on this story!
The Dream - Chap 2
It says, “There are 3 survivers: Steve, ashleyspie, and alinawucm from the Ender Dragon attack. So far, they’re rumored to be in the sewer system of Stone Village.” Quite true, you think, for you do (or did) live in Stone Village. But that wasn’t what amazed you. Were there really two others here, in the same sewer? If there is, where? You must find them, before you run out of food. Right now, you have 4 and 1/2 loaves of bread (You ate some right after you got away from the skeloten). Well, you can probably survive on 1/2 a loaf of bread per day, if you don’t sprint. So that leaves you with about 10 days to find the others, or you’ll be doomed. Hopefully, they’ll have some spare food. So you might as well start looking now.

Your journey won’t be easy, as you probably know. As you walk along, your footsteps eco behind you, and gives the feeling you’re being watched. How big can this sewer be, you ask yourself, for it has already been about 40 minutes of walking. Luckily, no mobs have creeped up behind you, so you seem to be safe. Or, atleast, until now. A team of zombies are chasing you. They have disgusting empty eye sockets, and also looked like you, exept for green skin and no hair. You slice a first one with your sword, and it stumbles backwards, into the crowd of others. “Ouch” it says in an odd, dead voice. There are about 5 zonbies, each of them wanting to eat your brain. One especially speedy one comes up to you and hits you. Painfully you jump backwards, and with 3 swipes of your sword, it dies, giving you rotten flesh. You can eat it, but it will probably poison you. Because most zombies are slower than you, you escape from the rest of them by sinply walking through the tunnel. After a few more minutes of boredom, you sit dow, too tired to do anything more. You fall asleep...

*~*~* Someone is fighting the Ender Dragon, along with 2 others.... Who are they? They seem to be (from what they look like) a boy with brown hair and brown eyes, a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, along with... A bulbasoar? The boy is doing very well, he is using an iron sword, attacking the dragon whenever it gets close enough, the bulbasoar is using a diamond sword to attack it, and the girl is using a bow. Whenever endermen got close (this place was infested with them) the bulbasoar destroyed them., by attacking at the feet. This place had tall towers of obsidian, and on top of each one held a glowing electric blue orb. On top of the dragon was a boy with yellow eyes, olive hair, and wearing completely black except for the white bandages wraped around his hands.*~*

SNAP! You wake up and find a skeloten shooting arrows at you. “Ouch” you say, and topple over a boulder and hide behind it as you think about your dream... After you’ve hit the skeloten 2 times (with an arrow sticking out of your head) you walk along the wet, dripping passageway. Sulking stupidly and stumbling accros slippery stone, you hear something behind you. You whip around, and BOOM!!! All you see was a horribly mean and dreadful green face. Everything goes black, and you hear yourself drop the iron sword, and with a clang you bow falls from your inventory, the muffled sound must have been your bread falling to your feet.



  1. Oh no! Poor guy, he died! Or is it a she?

    1. HAHAHA!!! :) It is a he. By the way, he doesn't actually die....
      *Sneak peak:
      Steve is rescued by 2 minecraftians.