Saturday, February 9, 2013

The End CH1

Hi! Sorry I didn't make many posts over this week. I decided to make a story called "The End"
It is based on A few games I play: Minecraft, Pokemon, and more. Sorry about bad grammar and spelling. Go to the bottom of this post to see info about mobs, bosses, etc. I hope you like the first chapter! I will probably make more.


The Sewer System - Chap 1
Your name is Steve. Your village was destroyed by what is known as the Ender Dragon. Creepy mob it is, you think with a shiver. You were running across the big village, villagers at your tail, all trying to escape. But with a huge, magnificent swoop, all your hope was gone. About eighty percent of the houses were crunched, if not, were on fire. It was disastoruous, and will live in your mind forever. It’s not over, though. The dragon dives down again, killing about 90 percent of the villagers. The remaining run, but there is nowhere to hide. You’re wtill alive, but all you do is stand there in shock. After what seemed like days, you came back to yourself. You run. There is only one place that seems safe and untrampled, and that is the well. But if you jump in, there is no coming out. Should you do it?
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Blackness consumes you. You start to think jumping in wasn’t such a good idea. Luckily you managed to get an iron sword, a bow and many arrows, and about five loaves of bread. Finally you can feel the cold water. You are well deep inside the well. Hearing crunching sounds above you, you dive deeper so the Ender Dragon can’t reach you. The first thing that pops into your mind is, “How will I survive down here?” However, you stop in the middle of your tracks. Something is glinting underneath you. After coming up for breath (and noticing the Dragon was far away) you go down.

What is it? Things are blocking the water from going into what seems like a lit up tunnel. You must get to the light! With a mighty swing of your sword, you barge in, through the thin layer of cobblestone. Water pours in with you, but not enough so that you can’t breathe. It looks extremely old, and wherever this is, there must be many monsters. You find a small room, and what seems like 2 tunnels you can get through.
Squeezing past, you find a skeloten in your face. Utterly bewildered, you swing your word as it shoots an arrow, and you fight, trying to land critical attacks. You only just get away as an arrow that was supposed to deliver your deathblow swishes narrowly past, landing with a thud on the mossy wall. You don’t need telling to run, and you sprint away, through the other passageway.

So, you think, the place is inhabited with mobs. Creepy... How will you every survive? Your health regenerates as you slowly walk along, listening for any monsters nearby. You nibble on bread, still watching out. “sssss...” something says. You whip around, sword ready. A creeper, whom is saying, “sssssshame you’ll have to lose all those precioussssss belongingssss...”, is puffing up, ready to explode on you. Steve, you think, you have to run because creepers aren’t mobs to mess around with, especially since you have low health at the moment. So sprinting once again, the creeper is finally gone. Oh, but really! There is no survival in this sewer. Then something on paper drifts down from nowhere (or, atleast, you were too tired to notice where).

Mob = Monster
Types of mobs = (each one has a SA - special ability, some SA copied from Minecraft)

  • Spider SA= climb walls, move fast
  • Enderman SA= teleport
  • Ghast SA= fly, shoot fireballs
  • Skeloten SA= fire arrows
  • Creeper SA= Explode on you
Types of bosses = (some copied from Minecraft, some from Pokemon)
  • Ender Dragon SA= flies, has regeneration powers, is a one hit KO to you (20 feet high, 25 feet long)
  • Wither SA= Flies, can fire TNT anywhere, can leech away your life (8 feet high, 3 feet long)
  • Skeloten King SA= cannot be hurt by attacks, must be drowned or pushed into lava, fires arrows rapidly (One per 2 secs) (18 feet high, 6 feet wide)
  • The mysterious Ghast SA= ? (height = ? Width = ?)
  • Darkria SA= shoot dark orbs, can protect itself with a see - through black bubble, can teleport like an enderman (8 feet high, 2 feet long)
Types of Allies: (Copied from Minecraft)
  • Villagers SA = will trade goods with you
  • Wolves (When tamed, dogs) = will help fight enimies
  • Ocelot (When tamed, cats) = keep creepers away from you