Sunday, February 24, 2013

The End Ch 7

I hope you like it, I probably made many mistakes.

Chapter 7 - Escape from the TNT!
You all just sit there for a moment, as rushsni’s footsteps die.
“UGH -- ee-AA!” ashleyspie cries.
“AaaaAaa!” alinawucm screams.
“Ai-eee!” You shout.
A haze fills the air, and a immedietly reconizable vioce laughs evily.
“The TNT worked nicely! Maybe we can even destroy the world with it if we can collect enough. FUSION!” Kisshu spat.
“AAAAH!!!” Everyone panics.
You hear a slurping sound.

“HoW DaRe YoU AtTaCk EaRtH LiKe ThIs!” ashleyspie says, (choking on the haze, her tone was going up and down) jumping swiftly into the air.
You realize she must have drunk the speed potion! A vast red block with a white stripe rises 10 feet tall. On the white stripe, 3 big letters spell out, “TNT”.
“BooOoom!” the Chimera animal says. It throws a miniature TNT at you. You leap aside, but the TNT’s explosion still has an impact on you.
“Argh!” You say, hurt.
“Hehehehehe!” Kisshu laughs.
The TNT block attacks the others. You can hear explosions everywhere, but you cannot see them because your eyes are tightly shut in pain.
“Ahh!” ashleyspie and alinawucm cry.
A thump tells you someone has rolled over. You open an eye to see alinawucm. ashleyspie has deflected a mini TNT, and so it hit the chimera animal.
“Boom--a--boom!” it cried after being hit. It lunged downward for ashleyspie, but because she was holding her sword tip pointing upwards, the chimera animal was stabbed. You get up on your feet. The TNT tosses another small version of itself at ashleyspie.
“Dark lord’s curse!!!” Kisshu says, pointing at the TNT.
It begins to glow, and it gets taller and wider -- 20 feet high!

“Ahhhhh!!!” everyone shouts, as the TNT throws a massive on at you.
Then, everything begins to blur...
“Mrrrr... eow!” says a cat-like voice.
“Boo-boo-boom!!! Boomy boo!” The TNT says in fright.
What was this? Then you remember. alinawucm’s cat! The cat must be scaring the TNT monster away! Moaning, you get up once again.
“Masha?!” ashleyspie and alinawucm say in suprise.
But the TNT is too much for Masha, and he topples over from an explosion. ashleyspie gets up, and runs at the chimera animal, her speed potion still at use. She stabs it, but it throws her back by tossing its body around.
“Yikes!” she exclaims.
“Hehehe, this chimera animal is indestructable, thanks to the Dark Lord’s spell!” Kisshu says.

ashleyspie tries to hit Kisshu with her sword, but he just teleports behind her and punches her, and she lands right in front of the chimera animal.
“Uh-uhhhh” she says, staring hopelessly at the TNT.
The chimera animal shoots a TNT at ashleyspie, but she doedges it by ducking and covering her head. Then she tries to stab it, but she is thrown back the an explosion’s force. alinawucm is back on her feet now, and had shot the TNT, but, because of Kisshu saying it was imortal, it had been blocked. A TNT is shot a you.
“aahhhh!” everyone cries.
You all grab each other, and a glowing light appears!

ashleyspie’s diamond sword begins to glow, and without warning, she strikes the TNT!
“What??? It is supposed to be... ARGH!!!” Kisshu screams, as the chimera animal jellyfish goes back to him, leaving a normal sized TNT in front of him.
He cusses and leaves.

“Wow!” ashleyspie says, tiered, “I guess when we really reed it, we con combine friendship’s power and use a weapon that is super-charged!”
Then everyone faints, because you’re just too exhausted.