Friday, February 22, 2013

The End Ch 6

Probably my shortest one.
Chapter 6 - The Dark Lord And Kisshu
Stupefy!” a confident voice says. A stream of electric blue light is shot at Kisshu, but he dodges it, skipping to a halt.
“What?!” He says.
“Get out of this world! Go back to Voldemort!” The girl’s voice repeats.
“HOW DARE YOU SAY HIS NAME!” Kisshu screams.
Then, knowing he can’t defeat 2 people (this girl and alinawucm), he teleports away. This girl who suddenly appeard had blonde hair and blue eyes.
“Hi, alinawucm! And.. Hi, ashleyspie!” She said.
“uhh -- umm -- thanks. Oh, and hi!” alinawucm said, shocked and releived.
“Please help me un-stun my two friends! I will explain later, and I belive you’ll have some explaining to do too!” she said again.

After alinawucm explained, rushsni said, “I have a few strenth potions with me.”
She makes you and ashleyspie drink it, and the numbness goes away from your fingers and feet.
“Kisshu is one of the few people who serves the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Voldemort wants to get rid of humankind, he lives in the planet End. It is similar to Earth, but the weather is worse and technology is higher. Kisshu lives there too, and if you don’t originate from End, the only way to get there is by grabbing ahold of someone while they’re teleporting there or to go into the End Portal. But, no one has ever gone there but one person -- Nachi_Kids. She went there, and came back. But the moment after she completed a sentence, there was this electric shock and she was gone. Also, it is thought the Ender Dragon lives there, as Voldemort and Kisshu’s pet.” rushsni explained.

Everyone looked at each other. It was hard to believe. The Ender Dragon, live there with Voldemort and Kisshu?
“Anyway, would you like to join our expidition of killing this Ender Dragon and Voldemort and Kisshu?” You ask, “Oh, and by the way, I don’t know you. I am Steve, and you’re rushsni?”
“Yes.” She looks down at her lap, “I am sorry to say, however, I cannot join your expedition. I am a chemist, so if you meet me along the way, I may be able to give you some potions.” She hands out one regeneration potion to each of you, along with a speed potion.
“Thanks!” alinawucm, ashleyspie, and you say together.
“By the way, you did hear me say ‘stupefy!’ back then, right? It is a spell, but only some minecraftians can use spells. Anyway, I need to go back to my village, Acres Village, now. Bye!” rushsni said.

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