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The End Ch 5

Enjoy! I will post the info at the bottom of this post. Any reccomendations?

Escape From A Cow - Chapter 5
Yawning, you say, “hmm, I think we should gather up food and weapons, don’t you think? It looks like some farms weren’t entirely combusted.” You say.
“Yeah. It looks like we can make a fishing rod with the string we took from the spiders we killed, that would be useful.” alinawucm adds.
“Oh, I know! Steve, you can go see if there are anymore weapons and armor in the blacksmith’s place, I’ll gather the food, and alinawucm can craft some useful stuff with the crafting table in the library!” ashleyspie happily says.
“Sure!” you and alinawucm say.

As you walk along the cracked gravel road, you see craters and destroyed homes the Ender Dragon made. You get to the edge of the village, where the blacksmith house is. The plain biome is calm and still. Searching through the blacksmith house shouldn’t take long, maybe you can look around this biome after. Inside the house, there is a big chest. You open it and find an iron sword, gold boots, leather chestplate, and a stone sword, along with a peice of cooked porckchop. You collect everything and once you get outside, sprint to the river, where you had gotten water for the crops when the village was still alive and bustling. You notice an diamond that had fallen into the water! You pick it up, thinking, “great! Wait a second, why would someone put a diamond in the water? If they dropped it, they surely would have noticed it!” Anyway, you put it in your inventory and walk back to the house you guys decided to meet back in.

A whisp of black light appears, the same one as Kisshu makes when he teleports.
“Hello, I would like to introduce you to a new chimera animal i’ve made, as directed by the dark lord.” Kisshu sneers and holds out the same pale jellyfish you’ve seen before.
“It is more powerful, because the dark lord himself has made it drink a strenth potion.” Now, who will I test it on?” He floats upwards.
Before you have time to reply, he says, “Shame. No animals, and I don’t see you friends.” Only then you realize what this means. With a wicked smile, he says, “FUSION!”
And the jellyfish speeds to get you.

“Ugh!! You slash it with your sword, but it just recombines everytime you slice it. You spint, trying to get away, but it’s just too fast. You trip over a branch and it lands on you. A feeling of confusion and comfortableness fills you, but also with horror and pain. This feeling is really odd, because you are happy yet angry and sad. You can hear Kisshu laughing evily. Light is blinding your eyes, but suddenly a voice calls out, “You must be Kisshu!”
“Uhh...” You try to open your eyes, and you make out the shape of ashleyspie and alinawucm.
Then, you hear a thud of an arrow and the light is released from your body, the chimera animal jellyfish was split in half. You know it will quickly reform, so you jump out of its reach. You swing your sword at Kisshu, but he dodges lazily by floating higher.
“Hmm, you have a cow following you by wheat, don’t you, ashleyspie? Come here, cow.” Kisshu says.
The cow mooed unknowingly and Kisshu said, “FUSION!”
The jellyfish dives onto the cow, it gives a moo of terror. It becomes 15 feet tall, and stomped its 4 feet feet wildly and maldy, while you all scream and ready your weapons. Horns grow out of its head, and its hooves are polished.
“Go, chimera animal!!! Do your worst, perisite alien!”
alinawucm shoots with her bow, but the cow deflects it with a mighty kick of its hooves. Then it tramples over alinawucm, but she gets up, coughing out dust. ashleyspie goes next. Her diamond sword clashes with the chimera animal’s hooves once again, and you notice since its only using its feet, other areas must be weak!
“Yaaa!” You shout, and aim for its stomoach. Yelping, you are thrown backwards by the animal’s horns. The cow moos in triumph, along with Kisshu laughing.

Then, an arrow is shot into the cow’s side, it topples over but gets back up. alinawucm shoots another one, but this time she misses.
“MOOOO!” it cries.
You and ashleyspie slash at it with your sword, and at last, a blinding light tells you the jellyfish has returned to Kisshu. But, this must have been the surprise: a beam of purple lazer shoots and hits you and ashleyspie! You’re frozen, you can’t move.
“Haha! That is the sark lord’s curse. He should be pleased when he finds out it hit. Now, as for you, alinawucm...” Kisshu says.
“Dragon Swords!” He booms.
A pair of thin and short swords appear in his hands. He plunges at alinawucm, but she dodges it.
“Ahhh!” She yelps, shooting an arrow but missing.
Slam! Kisshu punches alinawucm, and she “flies” over to where you and ashleyspie are laying.
“Oof! Go away, Kisshu!” She says.
“Heh heh, is that the best you three can do?” Kisshu says, sneering.
He dives at all three of you, with his swords aiming at your hearts, and there is no doubting you can’t dodge, because you cannot move.

More Info:
Mob = Monster
Types of mobs = (each one has a SA - special ability, some SA copied from Minecraft)

  • Spider SA= climb walls, move fast
  • Enderman SA= teleport
  • Ghast SA= fly, shoot fireballs
  • Skeloten SA= fire arrows
  • Creeper SA= Explode on you
  • Chimera animal (Will be introduced later)
Types of bosses = (some copied from Minecraft, some from Pokemon)
  • Ender Dragon SA= flies, has regeneration powers, is a one hit KO to you (20 feet high, 25 feet long)
  • Wither SA= Flies, can fire TNT anywhere, can leech away your life (8 feet high, 3 feet long)
  • Skeloten King SA= cannot be hurt by attacks, must be drowned or pushed into lava, fires arrows rapidly (One per 2 secs) (18 feet high, 6 feet wide)
  • The mysterious Ghast SA= ? (height = ? Width = ?)
  • Darkria SA= shoot dark orbs, can protect itself with a see - through black bubble, can teleport like an enderman (8 feet high, 2 feet long)
Types of Allies: (Copied from Minecraft)
  • Villagers SA = will trade goods with you
  • Wolves (When tamed, dogs) = will help fight enimies
  • Ocelot (When tamed, cats) = keep creepers away from you

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