Friday, February 1, 2013

My Fictional Narrative

I think its very bad, hehehe, but I guess you can take a look at it. Sorry about the highlighting, I had to do it for school stuff... BTW, my vocabulary and spelling isn't good.

A small, calm forest near a little village was windy, and the temperature was an average of negative 20 degrees farenheight. The tall birch and alder trees were bald with icicles hanging on them. The clouds were fluffy with dark undersides, and they were moving, too. The boisterous bears were stomping around. Foxes were looking for food covered in the snowy blanket. The only animals were foxes, bears, sheep, mooses, and different species of birds.
The tranquil, and cool forest was loaded with frozen rivers and snow.
A black capped chickadee named Chickeedi was lonely, and every day she did the normal things that all birds did - she preened, hunted, ate, sang, and drank. Chickeedi wanted a friend, and suddenly a black blur flew past Chickeedi. It was another black capped chickadee! "Helloooo" said Chickeedi with meloncholy.
"Hi, I'm Chickeeda." said the other bird.
"I'm Chickeedi, will you be my friend?" Chickeedi asked hopefully.
"Alright, if you help me find a new home! I have only migrated here." Said Chickeeda.
The birds discovered an old woodpecker home that seemed to be perfect for Chickeeda, and the birch tree warmly smiled to her. Like all black capped chickadees, Chickeeda and Chickeedi liked holes that were one to seven meters of the ground. Over the next few days, they became good friends.
One day, Chickeedi flew over the woods and found the small village. She went into a gleeful villager's home and found a birdbath and a suet (fat) feeder. Chickeedi took a great bath and also some time to preen. Gennerally, all black capped chickadees take only 1/4 of their food from feeders, preferring to eat insects. There were were gigantic fountains glued with gooey glue to the walls and grubby clothing drying. Taking some grand food from the suet feeder, Chickeedi glided back home cheerfully, ready to tell Chickeeda where this good garden was.
As she flew home, the wind rustled her feathers and it began to snow. She told Chickeeda about the garden, and they flew back home hurriedly. The swirling snow had begun to blow faster. Icy crystals rained down onto the forest. It was a sparkling, unkindly snickering, and dangerous blizzard. As the wind picked up even more, Chickeedi heard a chickadee-like chirp, " chicka-dee-dee-dee!" It went. The blizzard was a herd of trampling buffalos, but Chickeedi knew if this was Chickeeda, she must help help her.
Chickeedi peeked out her old woodpecker hole and saw Chickeeda trapped in the snow, and quickly flew outside in the blizzard and to Chickeeda. She shouted over the wind, "Are you okay?" but she could no longer see her friend because of the swirling snow.
"This might be dangerous, but I know I must help my friend." Thought Chickeedi.
She was too tired to fly against the wind. She hopped to the place she last saw Chickeeda, and surprisingly, there she was! Her foot was stuck in snow, but Chickeedi knew she must rescue Chickeeda. "I'm stuck in the snow!" Cried Chickeeda tearfully. Chickeedi used her body to shovel away the snow, and finally they flew back home.
Grateful to have a friend like Chickeedi, Chickeeda thought friendship was very important. After all, Chickeedi did help her find a home and escape from a icy coffin of snow!
Chickeeda suddenly said, "I hear something crackling, or... flickering." They looked in the direction of the village and saw flames dancing along the trees like ballerinas, and smoke rising from the horizon as if it were an evil ship. "Don't - don't worry, we will fly faster than the smoke and the flames," Chickeedi said nervously.
"But we don't know a quick way out! And we cannnot fly because if we do, the smoke will choke us, so we must hop quickly along the forest floor!" Chickeeda said downheartedly.
Then a sheep came up to them and said and said, "I know a faster way out of the forest. Follow me!"
Looking at each other, they thought, could they trust this stranger? The smoke was covering the sun above them, and the fire was beginning to catch up. So they agreed to follow the sheep, and it led them to a thick undergrowth. They came upon a stone tunnel that was lit by nothing. Pitch black now, the sheep said, "I must go help others now, so keep going until you see a patch of delicious grass, then turn left and you'll be at the edge of the forest."
The birds hopped along and reached the patch, but they couldn't remember which way to go. Then there was light - the fire was in the tunnel! They had to get out, fast. Chickeeda said it was right, and Chickeedi was it was left. So which way to turn?
Just as the fire sizzled Chickeedi's tail feathers, she used her talons to quickly grab Chickeeda's wing, and she pulled her to the left. Chickeedi just knew the sheep had said so. They flew out of the tunnel and into the open air. They looked back at the burning forest and flew away. They found new homes, and Chickeeda said heartily and happily, "I'm very glad you are my friend!"

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