Saturday, February 2, 2013

Movie: Arietta and Her Little World

I watched this movie a long time ago, and I am not even sure if I spelled "Arietta" right.
Movie Report: Arietta and her Little World

Arietta is a “miniature person”, but in her world she is called a borrower. Borrowers use things from normal human beings (who are not miniature), such as sugar and food. They aren’t supposed to be seen by normal humans, but one day Arietta gets spotted by a little boy named Shawn. He is surprised and wants to help Arietta, but since she is seen her family must move, because Arieta’s mom and dad (her family are also borrowers) think it is dangerous to be spotted by a human being. But Arietta and Shawn become friends at the time.
However, when Shawn helps Arietta get some food, he is spied on by one of his family members, who finds Arietta mom and traps her in a jar. She locks Shawn in his room so that he cannot help. Arietta finds out her mom is missing and she asks Shawn to help. They climb through the room window and to the next room (the door in Shawn’s room is locked). There they start looking for her mom, while Shawn’s “evil” family member is calling the pest control. When his family member finds out, Shawn acts normal, while pointing to where he thinks Arietta should search. Eventually they find Arietta’s mom, but her family still has to move.


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