Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Woosh Games

I'm not sure why I decided to type about the Minecraft Map: Woosh Games all of a sudden, but I will still. I played with one of my friends, and we played most of the games - spleeph, PVP Carts, Dodge Bow, Piston Boxing, space launch, and more that I can't remember. LOL, she (my friend) is a great minecrafter, and I wasn't familiar with the Whoosh games at the time. So she won all the games, EXCEPT for PVP Carts. So I'll explain that game since I won it. :D I will explain more if you leave a comment about which game you want explained that I listed above.
So, PVP carts, well, kinda sorta has a misleading name, because it is with minecarts, but you don't exactly always aim to kill the other person. You get a bow and unlimited arrows, and one minecart. You go on a track with your minecart that is fast, with many curves that go up and down, allong with blocks that sometimes block you veiw and arrows. You either kill the other person, or shoot their minecart (which destroys it). I shot her minecart! :D It was really hard. If you tried it... You'd know what I mean!


  1. Is it a multiplayer server or a map that you download? Can you show me how to get there? :)

    1. Oh, you download the map. I think you search it up, but I'm not sure because my friend downloaded it, not me. If I find out, I will tell you! :)