Thursday, January 31, 2013

Q and A

Staring now, I'll make posts about once every 2 days, and it will be a question about something I like (minecraft, pokemon, etc.). I will try to make it not easy and not hard. I'll post them as posts, so there won't be a label for it. You can search up the answers, but you won't get anything back if you answer it right. Post the answer as a comment. I will reply wether you're right or wrong. Later I will edit the post, so if you check back than there will be the answer (in 2 days or so). I will be able to let you know in other communication ways too. Also, if you have any good questions or riddles, tell me!  If you're bored, then now I guess you can do this:
Q: In minecraft, how do you make a potion of fire resistance?
A: I am pretty sure you add magma cream to an awkward potion.


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  2. hahaha jajaja sharpening pencils all day long jajaja ^____^

    1. Huh????? :o And why did you delete your last comment????

    2. Oh! Sorry! My sister probably went onto my computer when I wasn't looking and deleted the comment, also she wrote that weird comment about sharpening pencils! ;( I hate it when she does that!!