Sunday, January 6, 2013

Minecraft Parodies

I went to youtube just a few days ago and searched up minecraft parody, and I got many good results. Here are some of my favorites, maybe you can check them out: is "Don't mine at night" is "Make a Cake" is "TNT" is "Skelly Heart"
Either Make a Cake or Skelly Heart is my favorite.
Skelly Heart goes like this in the beggining: "Our hearts are very cold, doesn't mean I've got no soul. Got no guts I am hollow, oh oh... And I shoot you with arrows, you grow trees out of my bones, spawn you right back to the start, so sing along to my Skelly Heart!" I can hardly tell whats next because it becomes rap. LOL, but its really great!
Make a Cake goes like this: "Ahhhhhh!!!.... I'll make a cake... I'll make a cake... I'll make a cake... Yeah I was in the dark, I was fighting hard, with just half a heart, I'll make a cake... How did this trip go so long? I'll make a cake! But now its clear to me, that I need to eat, all I need is wheat. I'll make a cake. Yeah I was hungry for so long... I wish I had then, what I have now, I didnt know that, you needed a cow, add some sugar, it makes it so sweet. Mix in the egg, and adding your wheat! Hungers filled to nine (or is it tonight?), my healths regening fine... I'm fighting back tonight! Yeah my hungers filled to nine... I made a cake... Not eating any meat, finished every peice, it landed on my feet, I made a cake. Need help from no one else... No! I made a cake. Yeah I can run again from the Zombie's den, theres no need to defend. And its great! The pain (or is it panic?) is over now, the end..." And I won't type the whole thing, but its really cool!
Guys, I didn't use any lyric songs to this, so I can't beleive I can tell all the words in Make a Cake! :D

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