Thursday, January 31, 2013

Q and A

Staring now, I'll make posts about once every 2 days, and it will be a question about something I like (minecraft, pokemon, etc.). I will try to make it not easy and not hard. I'll post them as posts, so there won't be a label for it. You can search up the answers, but you won't get anything back if you answer it right. Post the answer as a comment. I will reply wether you're right or wrong. Later I will edit the post, so if you check back than there will be the answer (in 2 days or so). I will be able to let you know in other communication ways too. Also, if you have any good questions or riddles, tell me!  If you're bored, then now I guess you can do this:
Q: In minecraft, how do you make a potion of fire resistance?
A: I am pretty sure you add magma cream to an awkward potion.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PUSHEEN: Laziness

 So true! From


There are some cool animations in! I wouldn't download the stuff because it COULD contain a virus, but I just copy and paste the gifs.
Alina name graphics

The Woosh Games

I'm not sure why I decided to type about the Minecraft Map: Woosh Games all of a sudden, but I will still. I played with one of my friends, and we played most of the games - spleeph, PVP Carts, Dodge Bow, Piston Boxing, space launch, and more that I can't remember. LOL, she (my friend) is a great minecrafter, and I wasn't familiar with the Whoosh games at the time. So she won all the games, EXCEPT for PVP Carts. So I'll explain that game since I won it. :D I will explain more if you leave a comment about which game you want explained that I listed above.
So, PVP carts, well, kinda sorta has a misleading name, because it is with minecarts, but you don't exactly always aim to kill the other person. You get a bow and unlimited arrows, and one minecart. You go on a track with your minecart that is fast, with many curves that go up and down, allong with blocks that sometimes block you veiw and arrows. You either kill the other person, or shoot their minecart (which destroys it). I shot her minecart! :D It was really hard. If you tried it... You'd know what I mean!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013



There are some hackers from different areas of the world...
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
Those green and very light green are where people see my blog. Different countries!!!! :(
HACKERS BEWARE!                                              :P

Bad Birdy!!

Oh no!!!
Today, I came home from a field trip of Chabot Science Center. My grandma told me my grandpa told her he saw a western blue jay attack a adult sparrow!!! I think they might have been fighting for food from my feeder. She said, the western blue jay pecked the sparrow, and then I think she said it brought the poor birdy away. Ugh!!!! Next time I see a western blue jay at my feeder, I should scare it away. :(

Monday, January 28, 2013

Poll (NEW)

New poll at the bottom of my blog (scroll down)!
Last poll's answers:
0% Meats or Vegetables
75% Sweets or Ice Cream
0% Anything
25% Other
If tell me in specific of what food you like with a comment! If you don't enjoy having these polls and think they're boring, tell me, because I don't want to waste your time.

PUSHEEN: Ice Cream


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi people,
I don't know what to write about these days. But I am having my 1rst Semester test. It is in math. I don't like math, and right now my overall score for it is B+. It just touned to B+ a day ago! :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

HAPPY Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! :D
I want it to be Chinese new year really badly because we will have a party for it, but its no where close - Febuary 17.

BTW, Here are the Poll results (you can still vote, there are 5 days left)
75% Sweets / Ice Cream and 25% Other. IF you chose other, tell me what you like! :)

Pusheen: Wake Me up in spring

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Also cute:


1000 views: Thanks

Thanks for viewing my blog! This isn't actually really that cool, but I guess you can check it out. Click on the link! Hope you like it. :D
Here is another one:
Enjoy! Since these ecards are only a small thank you, tell me if you think I should do something else!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1,000 Veiws!!!!!

OMG, guys!!!! :D I have 1,000 veiws!!!
What do you want me to do for this? I guess it isn't anything big for you people, but I feel happy. :) Want to meet on a Minecraft server???? You helped me get to 1,000 veiws, so you can choose! Leave a comment! If you guys don't suggest something to me within a week, then I'll just choose something random to do. Hope you enjoyed my blog! :D
I guess you don't actually follow me, but thanks anyway. :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

So cool!

Copy this and put it as a address on a tab. Its so cool!!!

The balls each have a different weight.


I felt bored so I organized a poll on this website. Go to the bottom of this page to vote. 

Minecraft Tips and Tricks

For those of you who play Minecraft... Here are some really useful PVP videos:

  • By Antvenom (My most preferred one)
  • by PoliteGamer
  • by Setosorcer

If you don't want to watch the videos, basically to critical hit someone, jump and hit other stuff on the head when you're about to hit the floor after the jump. You should always circle around the opponent so while he is frantically trying to catch up to you with his mouse, you kill him with or without a weapon. You don't always have to use weapons, so using flint and steel or TNT to set the other person on fire, or you could blow him / her up. You can also use lava. Pretending you don't have a weapon while you actually have a good one can lure others to you so you can finish them off. Something I never knew (until, like, now) is that a gold sword is basically a wooden one, but I think it does more damage. If your opponent is in a corner, attack him because there in no escape. I don't prefer doing this when people are trying to climb up ladders, because they can sneak their pointer to the very edge, but you cant hit them. Typing "hi" is a good distraction since you can kill the other person while they're still typing, but I don't like it because it isn't really fair. If this is confusing, sorry! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


My favorite animal is the bird. I have 2 birdfeeders in my backyard and one birdbath (if you count my fountain, thats 2!). I like to hear the birds sing and chirp outside. :) Here are some pictures of the birds: first one is the house finch, second one the sparrow (I think), third one is the lesser goldfinch, and fourth one the western blue jay.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1,000 Veiws

For every 1,000 veiws, guys, I think I'll do something special. Maybe I can meet you in Minecraft in a server? I don't know, so if you have any recomendations, please let me know them!!! I want to do something cool for this first 1,000 veiws for my blog!!! Except I probably am the one who looks at it 30 percent of the time... LOL.


I think you'de agree with me!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Minecraft Parodies

I went to youtube just a few days ago and searched up minecraft parody, and I got many good results. Here are some of my favorites, maybe you can check them out: is "Don't mine at night" is "Make a Cake" is "TNT" is "Skelly Heart"
Either Make a Cake or Skelly Heart is my favorite.
Skelly Heart goes like this in the beggining: "Our hearts are very cold, doesn't mean I've got no soul. Got no guts I am hollow, oh oh... And I shoot you with arrows, you grow trees out of my bones, spawn you right back to the start, so sing along to my Skelly Heart!" I can hardly tell whats next because it becomes rap. LOL, but its really great!
Make a Cake goes like this: "Ahhhhhh!!!.... I'll make a cake... I'll make a cake... I'll make a cake... Yeah I was in the dark, I was fighting hard, with just half a heart, I'll make a cake... How did this trip go so long? I'll make a cake! But now its clear to me, that I need to eat, all I need is wheat. I'll make a cake. Yeah I was hungry for so long... I wish I had then, what I have now, I didnt know that, you needed a cow, add some sugar, it makes it so sweet. Mix in the egg, and adding your wheat! Hungers filled to nine (or is it tonight?), my healths regening fine... I'm fighting back tonight! Yeah my hungers filled to nine... I made a cake... Not eating any meat, finished every peice, it landed on my feet, I made a cake. Need help from no one else... No! I made a cake. Yeah I can run again from the Zombie's den, theres no need to defend. And its great! The pain (or is it panic?) is over now, the end..." And I won't type the whole thing, but its really cool!
Guys, I didn't use any lyric songs to this, so I can't beleive I can tell all the words in Make a Cake! :D

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I guess its not a lot, but I currently have about 840 veiws (you can see them at the very bottom of my blog)! :D Thanks for all that many veiws. We could come to 1,000 veiws anytime soon! If you really do like my blog, please click that like button at the top if you have any fingers! I always read all the comments I get, so feel free to do so. Also, friends, I always send out google+ messages about new posts. If you find them annoying, please tell me! Once again, thanks!
P.S. That was the first time I ever used something like "sincerely" in my posts. :P
P.P.S. I kinda got bored, thats part of the reason why I wrote this... LOL!


Use the following instructions to create a sentence, post as a comment please!

For me: I hugged an ipod because I hate myself. :P

Pusheen: Catoons

I don't know who sailor mew is, so feel free to post a comment.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year ^0^

Sorry I'm kinda saying this late, but...

MC: Servers

Do any of you know any Minecraft servers that are good? I will give you the IP of a good one if you give me a good one. :)