Friday, October 5, 2012

1rst week of middle school

It has already been a month, but I'll just talk about the first week.

My first week of middle school was at Windemere Ranch Middle School, the home of the falcons. There are 6 buildings. However, since there are so many students, thay had to add 7 portable classrooms, near the gym. There are no lockers, only PE lockers that are supposed to only store the PE uniforms (they’re only 8 inches by 8 inches!).

At Windemere Ranch, there are also rules. No running in the halls of the building, don’t go on the left side of the stairs, and a few more. If we forget to do our homework, we’ll get a ZAP (zeros are preventable). A ZAP is another chance to do your homework again. You won’t get full credit though.

My first class is Orchestra, in the B building. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Wehe. After orchestra I go to Advanced math, in the P7 (portable classroom #7). My teacher is Mrs.Zhang. Then, I head on over to the gym, and my teaher’s name is Mr.Ward. Then I go to lunch. After lunch I go to my fourth period, science. My teahcer from science is Mrs.Lukito. My 6th period is core (writing, reading, social studdies). After core I have Advisory, it’s where you can do some homework, but it’s still kinda a class.


  1. skipped 5th period... and you spelled "teacher" wrong... :)

    1. Oh. Hehe! Please forgive my spelling mistakes. They're very often on this blog. XD Thank you for reading my blog!